Project progress

Project progress


June 2014

  • The works for the relocation of Trolleybus line No. 20 have commenced (from Vas. Georgiou street to Bouboulinas street);
  • The works for the relocation of PUO networks (i.e. of the sewage pipe at Grigoriou Lambraki street) and of PPC networks at SEF (Piece and Friendship Stadium) stop area and at Lambraki street U-turn are in progress.
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May 2014

  • Traffic arrangements were completed at the current phase in the Central district and district A’ of Piraeus Municipality;
  • The urban planning works at the sidewalk of Grigoriou Lambraki street are in progress;
  • The technical works at various locations of the Tramway route (at Peace and Friendship (SEF) terminal Tramway stop, in the area where Karaiskaki Tramway stop is foreseen to be constructed, at Lambraki Ave. U-turn, etc.);
  • In the Tramway Depot building facilities at ELLINIKO, the works in building 2 and the works for the re-configuration of office areas and auxiliary areas in building 1 were completed and delivered for further use to STASY S.A. / TRAM S.A..
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