Project progress

Project progress


January 2018

A. With regard to the TRAMWAY CORRIDOR:

• The following works have been completed:

Tramway corridor (trackwork – rails, infrastructure works for multiple ducts and foundation of catenary poles)
– at Ethnarhou Makariou street (from N. Faliro stop –connection with the beginning of the extension- to Papandreou bridge)
– at Papandreou bridge
– at Mikras Asias street (including Lambraki U-turn and the pocket)
– at Gr. Lambraki street (from Lambraki bridge to Vas. Georgiou street)
– at the crossing from Gr. Lambraki street to Georgiou street
– at Vas. Georgiou street (Lambraki street, ahead of Filonos street)
– at Ethn. Antistaseos street (Georgiou street – Ippodamias street)
– at Om. Skylitsi street (Ippodamias street – 34ou Syntagmatos street – Tzavella street – Tzavella pedestrian passage – Peace and Friendship Stadium (SEF))
– at Myrtidiotissa bridge to the point of connection with the existing Tramway line at SEF.

• In progress are the following works:

– Installation of catenary poles serving the Traction Power Overhead Line in the aforementioned areas where the Tramway corridor has been completed.
– Tramway corridor (earthworks – trackwork), at the intersection of Vas. Georgiou and Ethnikis Antistasseos streets.
– Tramway corridor (earthworks – trackwork) at Syntagma terminal stop area.

B. With regard to other work fronts:

– Akti Possidonos street: the archaeological excavation in the area of the terminal stop, the works for the relocation of PUO networks, as well as the construction of trackwork on the Tramway corridor are in progress.
– Intersection of Vas. Georgiou & Ethn. Antistasseos streets: the archaeological excavation, the relocation of PUO networks, as well as the construction of trackwork on the Tramway corridor are in progress.
– SEF stop and Alikakou square: planting and urban planning works have been completed. Works for the installation of containers to serve SEF stop are in progress.
– Syntagma area: PUO works and works for the configuration of the west sidewalk of Amalias Avenue – Xenofontos street – Othonos street have been completed; works for the re-configuration of the Tramway corridor and the Tramway stop are in progress.
In various Piraeus areas, in progress are works for the installation of underground waste bins.

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April 2017

• At Ethnarhou Makariou street, the construction of the staircase connecting Karaiskaki stop with the underground pedestrian walkway has been completed.

• At Lambraki bridge, the construction of the pedestrian bridge and the widening of the sidewalk are in progress.

• At Grigoriou Lambraki street, the tramway corridor from the Lambraki reversal up to Vas. Georgiou street is completed.

• At Vas. Georgiou street, street lighting works are in progress at the sidewalk facing Gr. Lambraki street up to Iroon Polytechniou street.

• On Omiridou Skylitsi street, in progress are the works for the construction of the Tramway corridor, as well as the urban planning works, from Ippodamias square up to 34th Syntagmatos street.

(the reference to the “adjacent” or “facing” sidewalk relates to the actual location of the tramway corridor).

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