Project progress

Project progress

The most extensive transport project of Thessaloniki, a modern Metro network of high aesthetics, comes to life. More than 650 persons of various disciplines work on a daily basis for Thessaloniki Metro, while a total of 16 worksite areas have been developed throughout the city by the contracting Joint Venture.

Thessaloniki Metro, a 9.6 km network, shall have 13 modern stations, 18 fully automatic and air-conditioned trains, as well as platform screen doors in all stations, ensuring the provision of the optimum services to the passengers and their maximum safety. A 50,000 m2 depot is also foreseen in the area of Pylea.

It is worth pointing out that by incorporating state-of-the-art technical features in combination with the most stringent quality and operability standards, Thessaloniki Metro shall become the most advanced Metro network in Europe.


June 2007

  • The construction of the diaphragm walls at TBM start-up shaft in NEOS SIDIRODROMIKOS STATHMOS and the installation of the necessary geomechanical monitoring instruments have commenced. By the end of the year, the Metro moles shall arrive in the city of Thessaloniki where they shall be assembled to initiate their activities for the boring of the two independent tunnels of the Metro Line.
  • The first stage of the General Final Design (GFD) of the Project, as well as the designs for the necessary traffic arrangements and the Public Utility Organization network diversions were completed. The approvals for the second stage of the GFD and the Detailed Final Designs are at an advanced stage.
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May 2007

  • Preparatory works (relocations of PUO networks, archaeological investigations) are being continued along the entire network.
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