Project progress

Project progress

The most extensive transport project of Thessaloniki, a modern Metro network of high aesthetics, comes to life. More than 650 persons of various disciplines work on a daily basis for Thessaloniki Metro, while a total of 16 worksite areas have been developed throughout the city by the contracting Joint Venture.

Thessaloniki Metro, a 9.6 km network, shall have 13 modern stations, 18 fully automatic and air-conditioned trains, as well as platform screen doors in all stations, ensuring the provision of the optimum services to the passengers and their maximum safety. A 50,000 m2 depot is also foreseen in the area of Pylea.

It is worth pointing out that by incorporating state-of-the-art technical features in combination with the most stringent quality and operability standards, Thessaloniki Metro shall become the most advanced Metro network in Europe.


Αpril 2007

  • The works for the diversion of EYATH and Lighting networks in the area of NEOS SIDIRODROMIKOS STATHMOS were completed.
  • The works for the construction of the guides of the diaphragm walls were completed at the TBM Start-up Shaft in the area of NEOS SIDIRODROMIKOS STATHMOS.
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Μarch 2007

  • The archaeological investigation at the trenches of the Public Utility Organizations networks was completed.
  • The investigation trenches, the drilling of boreholes and the installation of instruments in the entire project are in progress.
  • Mr. George Yannis, Chairman of the BoD of ATTIKO METRO S.A. and Pr. Anastasios Manthos, Dean of the Aristotelion University of Thessaloniki, on March 21st signed a Memorandum of Understanding and Cooperation regarding the construction of part of the Metro Project within the University Campus or underneath the facilities of the Aristotelion University of Thessaloniki. This MoU settled issues of cooperation between the two parties, so as to ensure the unobstructed operation of the Aristotelion University of Thessaloniki during the construction and operation of the Project.
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