Attiko Metro S.A (ΑΜ) has undertaken the task of putting into tender and implementing the project for the re-development of Panepistimiou street and the construction of the Tramway extension, in the framework of the reconfiguration of the Athens center, a project whose total budget rises to approximately 90 milion Euros and is incorporated in the Business Plans of the Ministry of YPEKA and the Attika Regional Business Plans.

Funded by Onassis Foundation and under the supervision of AM and other competent services, the final designs for the re-development of the Athens center, as well as for the Tramway extension and the associated traffic study have already been completed. A recent Ministerial decision (Minister of Environment) has been issued approving the Project’s Environmental Terms, while the project’s incorporation into a funding scheme is imminent.

In this framework, the project for the Re-development of Panepistimiou street and for the Tramway extensions was presented on Tuesday, February 18, during an event that took place in Arsakio arcade (Stoa Arsakiou), on the occasion of the opening of the exhibition “Rethink Athens: Athens in the center”. The relevant press conference was attended by Mr. Christos Tsitouras, ATTIKO METRO S.A. Chairman and Managing Director, Mr. Antonis Papadimitriou, Chairman of Onassis Foundation, Ms Katerina Koutsogianni, Architect from Antonas Architectural Firm in charge of the Exhibition’s architectural matters, as well as by Mr. Panagiotis Tournikiotis, Professor of the NTU, in charge of the Exhibition’s scientific matters.

Mr. Christos Tsitouras, Attiko Metro S.A. Chairman and Managing Director, made the following statement: “On the occasion of the Exhibition for the presentation of the Final Designs concerning the project ‘Restructuring of the center of Athens with Panepistimiou street as the focal point’, I would like to thank Onassis Foundation for its impeccable cooperation and substantial contribution in the preparation and the funding of the project’s designs, a fact that serves as an example of successful cooperation between the Public and the Private Sector. I would also like to assure you the Attiko Metro S.A., which undertakes from now on the task of the project’s tendering and construction, putting to use its experience and know-how, shall make all possible efforts in order to implement this project on time, fully respecting all quality standards and with a full sense of the responsibility stemming from the management of a project destined to decisively upgrade this sensitive area of the center of Athens. Presuming that the project will be incorporated into a funding scheme within the following month, AM is in a position to put the project to tender within a period of two months after the incorporation. Concluding, I would like to emphasize on the contribution and assistance of the political leadership of the Ministries of Development, YPOMEDI and YPEKA, as well as of the Attika Regional Authority”.

The quality and usefulness of the work carried out by Attiko Metro S.A, as well as the company’s ability to deliver a highly demanding a difficult product is once again confirmed. The Metro projects, in particular, serve as a tool for the growth of the National Economy, contributing to job generation and to the overall growth of the Greek GDP.

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