THESSALONIKI METRO – A response that restores the truth on the issue of the antiquities revealed in “VENIZELOU” Station

In view of restoring the truth as regards the accusations that ATTIKO METRO S.A. distorts reality on the matter of the antiquities revealed in VENIZELOU Station of Thessaloniki Metro, the answer is contained in the interview given to the newspaper “Angelioforos tis Kyriakis” (Sunday Herald) on 28.07.2013 by the ATTIKO METRO S.A. Chairman and Managing Director.

We additionally quote the relevant statement made by the ATTIKO METRO S.A. Chairman and Managing Director that “there will be 13 museums in the 13 Metro stations”; this will be achieved through the preparation of a special design, whose scope shall be the display of the antiquities revealed during the archaeological excavations within the Metro worksites.

Ever since its establishment, ATTIKO METRO S.A. has always strived to protect the cultural heritage and to reveal it through the creation of display areas within the Metro stations, a fact well-recognized by the Metro system daily commuters.



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