THESSALONIKI METRO – VENIZELOU Station central archaeological council opinion regarding the archaeological finds

ATTIKO METRO S.A. expresses its contentment on the occasion of the opinion expressed by the Central Archaological Council (CAC) concerning the archeological finds revealed in the area of VENIZELOS Station. This CAC decision stands in support of both the station’s construction, as well as the display of the antiquities that came to light within the station, a position (“both, Metro and antiquities”) that ATTIKO METRO S.A. has held ever since the beginning of this debate.

The CAC voted in favor of firstly detaching and then returning the antiquities within the station. Out of the six solutions that were examined in total, two were favoured, i.e., the one proposed by the Ministry of Culture in cooperation with ATTIKO METRO S.A, and one proposed by the Aristotle University Professors G. Papakostas – A. Alexopoulou, which was preferred by Thessaloniki Municipality.

The common ground between these two solutions is that all significant antiquities are to be brought back in the station. When the station is re-designed with all proper cooperation/coordination as per the above, its optimum operation shall be sought after, taking into account all parameters that must be adhered to.

We believe that the final opinion by CAC, which was the result of intense debate and argument, presents a way out of the deadlock the parties were face with unlit recently as to the course of action to be followed in the case of VENIZELOU Station and lays the basis for a favorable resolution of this matter before the State Council, where the Municipality of Thessaloniki has filed a recourse.

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