Two more modern Metro stations to the citizens’ disposal

ΑΤΤΙΚΟ ΜΕΤRΟ S.A. (ΑΜ), whose sole objective is to provide state-of-the-art public transport infrastructure, delivered today PERISTERI and ANTHOUPOLI Stations to STASY S.A., so that they are put into revenue service on this Saturday.

The ceremony for the delivery of the two stations by Mr. Christos Tsitouras, ATTIKO METRO S.A. Chairman and Managing Director, was attended by Mr. Kostas Chatzidakis, Minster of Development, Competitiveness, Infrastructures, Transport and Networks, Mr. Makis Voridis, former Minister of Infrastructures, Transport and Networks, the Peristeri district Archibishop Chryssostomos, Mr. Andreas Pahatouridis, Peristeri Municipality Mayor, Mr. Stratos Simopoulos, Secretary General of Public Works, Mr. Nikos Stathopoulos, Secretary General of Transport, Mr. Nikolaos Papathanassis, STASY S.A. Chairman, Mr. Alexandros Deloukas, OASA S.A. Chairman and Managing Director, and Mr. Ioannis Oikonomou, Chairman and Managing Director of Odikes Sygkinonies S.A.

During the delivery ceremony, Mr. Christos Tsitouras, ATTIKO METRO S.A. Chairman and Managing Director, gave the following speech:

“With this Project the larger Municipality of Western Athens suburbs, i.e. the Municipality of Peristeri, shall now be served by three Metro stations (AGHIOS ANTONIOS, PERISTERI, ANTHOUPOLI), with a total daily ridership of75.000 passengers. Peristeri municipality residents are given the option to travel in comfort, safety and rapidness to ELLINIKO Metro Station on the opposite side of the Athens basin in less that half an hour and to Syntagma in just 10 minutes, while the current average private vehicle trip time at peak hours is at least 45 minutes. This is an essential upgrade to the quality of life of the residents, since they are provided with a fast and reliable transport mode, which will decisively contribute to the daily traffic congestion problems currently observed”.

Mr. Nikolaos Papathanassis, STASY S.A. Chairman, stated the following: “Upon delivery of the new stations, Statheres Sygkinonies S.A. and its 2,500 hard-working employees who frequently carry out their duties in adverse conditions, undertake with a high sense of responsibility towards the State, the Greek tax payer and our passengers, the operation of the new stations, with the certainty that the high standard services rendered on a daily basis to more than 1,000,000 passengers shall be also rendered as of tomorrow, at 05:00am, to the new passengers of the two new stations”.

More specifically, PERISTERI Metro Station is located outside Peristeri Municipality City Hall, on Panagi Tsaldari Ave., and its entrances-exits are located on Dimokratias square and at the corner of P. Tsaldari Ave. and Aisopou street. In view of promoting growth of local societies, ATTIKO METRO S.A. carries out major reconfigurations of the urban environment around its projects, such as the area of Dimokratias square in Peristeri Municipality, which was delivered to the public two (2) years earlier.
In its new unified form (in the pas there were two squares intersected by Panagi Tsaldari Ave.), the square now extends to a unified area of 9,000m2, embellished with green and resting areas. Moreover, yet another particular architectural feature of the reconfigured square is the glass dome of high aesthetics which permits natural light to penetrate into the two levels of PERISTERI Station.

ANTHOUPOLI Station, is located on Anapafseos street, at the corner of Amphilochias and Thivon streets, and its entrances-exits are located on Anapafseos street and Thivon street. Bear in mind that due to adverse ground conditions encountered at the station’s original location, this station was relocated by 350m to the south, also facilitating, thus, the future extension to Ilion, which is currently at the stage of preliminary investigations and designs. At the same time, the current planning foresees the construction of an underground car parking facility near the station with a capacity of 450 parking spaces.

It is obvious that the delivery of the two new Metro stations upgrades the vicinity of Peristeri Municipality, not just because of the high aesthetics of the station structures and the re-development works implemented at surface level, but also because of the improvement to the traffic conditions in this area, which is now fully served by the Metro as far as the transport needs are concerned.

Carrying on its construction activities despite the adverse economic conditions, ATTIKO METRO S.A. planning is to shortly commission five (5) more stations, i.e. on the extension to Elliniko (5.5km – 4 stations) and on the extension to Haidari (1.4km – 1 station). In parallel, the construction of Line 3 extension to Piraeus (7.6km – 6 stations) is already underway, thus connecting the country’s first port with the Athens Airport “Eleftherios Venizelos”. It has to be highlighted that the contract for the Tramway extension to Piraeus (5.4km – 12 stops) was recently signed and the construction works have already commenced. It is beyond any doubt that the Metro Project constitutes a major tool of growth for the entire Attica region and it keeps connecting more and more neighborhoods offering high standard transport services.

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