THESSALONIKI METRO – AM participation in the Thessaloniki municipal council meeting

Responding to the invitation addressed by Thessaloniki Municipal Council, an AΤΤΙΚΟ ΜΕΤRΟ S.A. group of seven people, members of its staff and consultants, shall attend the meeting convened today to discuss subjects related to the archeological finds; this group is made up by:

  1. Dr. George Konstantinidis, Manager of Thessaloniki Metro Department
  2. Mr. Yiannis Karakitsios, Deputy Manager of Thessaloniki Metro Department
  3. Dr. George Leoutsakos, E/M Systems Manager
  4. Mr. Antonis Papamakarios, Deputy Manager – Engineering, Civil Works Coordinator for Thessaloniki Metro
  5. Fotini Kantzavelou, Architect
  6. Bertrant Kribs, E/M & Railway Systems Engineer, Consultant – SYSTRA
  7. Yiannis Vakalopoulos, Supervising Engineer – CW

The group will present the positions of ATTIKO METRO S.A. and shall contribute with its expertise in any substantiated proposal expressed during the meeting.


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