ATHENS METRO – The role of ΑΤΤΙΚΟ ΜΕΤRΟ S.A. in the framework of the Program Re-think Athens


On the occasion of the recent completion of the International Architectural Competition on the Urban Restructuring of the Athens center along the axis of Panepistimiou street and around it and the presentation of the results of this Competition at Main Stage of the Onassis Cultural Centre (KIASO) on 27.02.2013, we would like to provide some additional information regarding the progress of the project and the involvement of ATTIKO METRO S.A. (AM) in its implementation process.

In addition to the architectural competition conducted solely at the care and attention of and funded by the Onassis Foundation, the awarding of a set of necessary and complementary designs has already been promoted by the Foundation; these designs mainly focus on the extension of the Tramway from Syntagma Square to Egyptou Square, as well as on the traffic arrangements that must be implemented on account of the redevelopment projects.

These designs shall be prepared on the basis of specifications compiled by AM, who shall be the entity to supervise and follow up all designs awarded by Onassis Foundation, given that once they are completed – within this summer – AM is foreseen to announce the public tenders for the construction of the entire package of the Project (intervention works, Tramway extension and traffic arrangements).

It is pointed out that by virtue of recently passed bills, AM has been assigned with the competencies of constructing Tramway projects in Greece, as well as with the competency of executing reconfiguration, pedestrianization and other similar works within the wider area of its projects (Metro or Tramway).

AM has been closely and effectively cooperating with Onassis Foundation in the implementation of this project, especially since 04.05.2012 when the Memorandum of Cooperation was signed by the Greek State (YPEMIDI, YPEKA), AM and the Onassis Foundation for the donation of the aforementioned designs, a fact that serves as the perfect example of a successful and productive cooperation between the Public and the Private Sector.

It is finally mentioned that AM is about to complete the traffic – transport design focusing on a) the control and evaluation of the impact on the traffic data of the city’s center due to the works of this Program, and b) on the planning of the all necessary administration measures, since the conclusions of this design constitute prerequisites for all other designs. The results of this design substantiate and quantify the basic objectives of the Program, such as preventing private vehicles to pass through the center of the city, etc.

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