THESSALONIKI METRO – Strike of employees engaged in archaeological works

The employees working at Thessaloniki Metro archaeological pits are carrying on their 24-hour repeated strike protests, demanding that the newly hired workers are paid with amounts higher than those legally permitted; in particular, this is about 30 workers whose hiring was requested in the framework of the Project’s needs.

ATTIKO METRO S.A. declares that, in its opinion, the strike on the part of the employees is undue, given that under the prism of the current difficult conditions they are generously paid.

More specifically, the following specialties are currently engaged in the Metro archaeological pits: a) eighty two (82) archaeologists, who are paid with amounts ranging from 2,570 Euro/month to 4,460 Euro/month, 14 salaries on an annual basis, b) three hundred and thirty (330) laborers/technicians who are paid with amounts ranging from 1720 Euro/month to 2,500 Euro/month, and c) ninety one (91) employees of various specialties, who are paid with amounts ranging from 954 Euro/month to 3,810 Euro/month, 14 salaries on an annual basis.

In other words, all persons engaged in the archaeological works are highly paid.

ATTIKO METRO S.A. points out: a) that all stipulations of the legislation regulating the salaries, the insurance and the protection of the Project’s employees are strictly adhered to, b) that all new recruitments are strictly in line with the stipulations of the law and c) that the funds available for archaeological works rise to the amount of ninety million (90,000,000) Euro.

Finally, ATTIKO METRO S.A. wishes to stress that all strike protests, especially the unfounded ones, act as a burden preventing the completion of a vital project to the city’s residents such as the Metro.

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