ATHENS METRO – The Secretary general of public works visited ATTIKO METRO S.A. premises

Today, Mr. Stratos Simopoulos, Secretary General of Public Works, visited ATTIKO METRO S.A. premises, in order to be advised in detail on the progress made as regards the development of the Metro and Tramway Lines in Attica region and Thessaloniki.

The Chairman and Managing Director of ATTIKO METRO S.A., Mr. Christos Tsitouras, along with AM executives, presented the progress of works in:

  • The seven (7) new Metro stations in Athens, to be gradually commissioned in 2013;
  • The six (6) stations of the Metro extension to Piraeus under construction;
  • AM designs concerning the future extensions of the network, in particular as regards the new Metro Line 4, the Metro extension to Ilion, as well as other small-scale Projects undertaken by AM;
  • The Tramway Line extension from Neo Faliro to Piraeus, already under way, and the future extensions of the tramway network to Piraeus, Keratsini and Athens (Syntagma – Egyptou Square);
  • The Thessaloniki Metro project under construction and the designs for the maturing of the new Metro extensions in Thessaloniki and, in particular, the extension to Stavroupoli, whose designs are anticipated to be put to tender early 2013, as well as the extension to Evosmos (the tender process for the award of the topographic and geotechnical surveys is in progress).

Upon completion of this presentation, Mr. Stratos Simopoulos, Secretary General of Public Works, expressed his satisfaction as to the progress of the works and stressed that the Ministry actively supports AM projects, while he pointed out the need to give priority to the settlement of the problems and delays that have arisen in the Thessaloniki Metro Project currently under construction.

At the same time, the Chairman and Managing Director of ATTIKO METRO S.A., Mr. Christos Tsitouras, pointed out that the Metro and Tramway Projects constitute major development instruments in this particularly difficult economic situation Greece is faced with, and that AM has made systematic progress in terms of the maturity of significant new projects in Athens and Thessaloniki and, thus, is ready to proceed with their tendering in the framework of the next National Strategic Reference Network, seeking the relevant funding.

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