ATHENS METRO – Visit of the Chairman of the World Federation of Engineers’ Organizations

Yesterday, 12.09.2012, Mr. Adel Al Kharafi (from Kuwait), Chairman of the World Federation of Engineers’ Associations (WFEO – visited ATTIKO METRO S.A. premises.

Mr. Christos Tsitouras, ATTIKO METRO S.A. Chairman and Managing Director, as well as high ranking executives of ATTIKO METRO S.A.’s Departments, enlightened Mr. Adel Al Kharafi on the background of the Athens and Thessaloniki Metro construction, the new Metro projects and future developments, the new extensions of the tramway in Attica region, and the reconfiguration of the Athens city centre along the axis of Panepistimiou street.

During the meeting, a detailed presentation was made of ATTIKO METRO S.A.’s 20-year experience on various fields, such as:

Project Planning

Execution of Civil Works, Electrometrical Works and Architectural Works

Financial Management

Preparation and Conduct of International Tendering Procedures

Construction Supervision and Project Management

Metro Lines System Testing and Commissioning.

In addition to the above, an extensive discussion was held on the possibility for ATTIKO METRO S.A to transfer abroad its valuable know-how and 20-year experience acquired on the Metro Projects, by undertaking relevant activities and by providing consulting services.


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