Infrastructures, Transport and Networks
Execution of Major Projects

Beyond the major road works, the motorways that were included in the first set of measures, it is necessary for other significant projects too to be resumed in view of stimulating the economy and the development in the Greece. These are critical projects needed to support the productive base of our country.

More specifically, the subject projects are as follows:

  1. The ATHENS METRO Extensions:
    • Metro Extension to ANTHOUPOLI: Estimated completion date – April 2013;
    • Metro Extension to ELLINIKO: Estimated completion date – July 2013, and
    • Metro Extension to HAIDARI: Estimated completion date – September 2013.
    • HAIDARI – PIRAEUS Metro Line 3 Extension. This extension is anticipated to be completed in 2017, while the preparatory works have already commenced.
  2. The works for the Tramway Extension to Piraeus shall commence by the end of 2012 and are anticipated to be completed in December 2015.
  3. The Ports of Igoumenitsa, Patras and Lavrio. The works falling under Phase B of the Igoumenitsa Port Project must be completed by July 2013, while those falling under Phase C’ must be completed by October 2016. Patras Port Project must be completed by January 2016 and Lavrio Port Project (works concerning the Expansion of the Port Facilities to both land and sea) is anticipated to be eligible for funding early 2013 and to be completed within this program period.
  4. The completion of the Suburban Railway. SKA – TREIS GEFYRES Section is anticipated to be completed in December 2012, while the Project for the construction of PIRAEUS – TREIS GEFYRES Section is anticipated to be put to tender anew by the end of 2012.
  5. The completion of the new double railway lines.
    a) Tithorea – Lianokladi – Domokos section: estimated completion date – December 2015;
    b) Athens (SKA) – Patras, in Diakofto – Rododafni section: estimated completion date – December 2015;
  6. The construction of the new double railway line Rododafni (Aigio) – Rio, 27km long, integrated into Athens – Patras Line. We are anticipating the results of the tendering process.


The delays concerning the Thessaloniki Metro Project must be settled immediately. Due to archaeological investigations and certain financial problems faced by the Contractor, significant delays were caused in the Project. More than a year now, the Project Time Schedule has already been modified, while the new completion deadline has been set for November 2016. With regard to Kalamaria Extension, the tendering process is in progress and the Contractor is anticipated to be nominated within the following months.

As regards the road axes, we are proceeding to:

  1. the completion of Korinthos – Tripoli – Kalamata Motorway in September 2012 and the completion of a section of Lefktro – Sparti in 2014;
  2. the completion of the vertical axis of Egnatia Motorway Section “Thessaloniki (Derveni) – Serres – Promahonas” in May 2014 and the progress of vertical axis of Egnatia Motorway Section “Siatista – Krystallopigi” and more precisely of the section “Koromilia – Ieropigi – Krystallopigi”;
  3. the completion of the construction works in NOAK of the section Aghia Varvara – Aghioi Deka of the vertical road axis Iraklio – Messara in December 2013;
  4. the execution of interventions in the Northern Road Axis of Crete. Galatas – Kolybari – Kastelli and Agathias – Hamezi – Sitia road sections are anticipated to be put to tender anew by December 2012;
  5. the completion of the connection of PATHE Motorway with the Port and the City of Patras. The project section entitled “Connection of the wider Patras Diversion with the Paraglafkies Arteries” is anticipated to be put to tender anew;
  6. In addition, the two vertical axes, namely Komotini – Nymfaia – Greek-Bulgarian Borders and Ardanio – Ormenio, are already in progress;
  7. With regard to Aghia Marina Stylidas – Rahes of PATHE Motorway, there was a substitution of the Contractor, who was unable to complete the Project, since he had already been integrated in Article 99. After the subject substitution, the construction of the Project continues with no problems, and at no additional cost for the Greek State. An 18-month extension to the completion deadline was granted for the remaining works of the Project.

It is anticipated that the works for the upgrading of Thessaloniki Macedonia Airport – on the basis of two contracting works (Extension and upgrading of the existing of the Landing Strip) – will be completed by December 2015.

The Kasteli airport in Iraklion (Crete) constitutes a basic priority of ours. This airport shall be constructed on the basis of a concession contract and the relevant tender process shall be repeated in the next months.


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