THESSALONIKI METRO: Traffic arrangements at Analipsi Station

In view of implementing the PUO network diversion works and in the framework of constructing ANALIPSI Metro Station, the following traffic arrangements shall be in effect, as from the next Tuesday (December 1st, 2009)

  • The worksite installation on Delphon Street is relocated to the west, at its part from the intersection with M. Botsari Street, up to Antoniou Nastou Street. Delfon street shall keep functioning with one traffic lane per direction.
  • Traffic of all vehicles on the part of Drossini Street located between Gytheiou and Delphon Streets is discontinued. Vehicles shall be able to move from Delphon Street to Drossini Street through P. Syndika Street. In the reverse direction, vehicles shall have to use Gytheiou – St. Psaltou – M. Botsari Streets and the other local roads.
  • At its section between Drossini and St. Psaltou Streets, Gytheiou Street is converted into a one-way street, leading towards St. Psaltou Street.
  • The traffic flow is reversed on St. Psaltou Street, at its part from the intersection with Analipseos Street, up to M. Botsari Street, with a traffic flow towards M. Botsari Street.
  • Chatzilazarou Street is converted into a dead-end street, at its part from St. Psaltou Street up to Delphon Street.
  • Kantakouzinou Street is converted into a dead-end street, at its part from Drossini Street up to Delphon Street. Vehicular traffic moving from Kantakouzinou Street to Delphon Street and vice-verse shall have to use P. Syndika Street.

The duration of the works shall be approximately 6 months.

Throughout the execution of the construction works, the work crews of the contracting joint venture shall do their best to facilitate the local businesses.

Thessaloniki Metro Department wishes to extend its thanks to all local residents and passing-by drivers for their understanding and co-operation in the implementation of our major and complex project, i.e. the construction of Thessaloniki Metro. Our Community Relations Office (Tel. 2310-526220) remains at your disposal to resolve any related issue that may emerge.

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