AGHIA SOFIA Station – Temporary traffic arrangements

In order to execute works related to the construction of diaphragm walls at AGHIA SOFIA Station, as of Wednesday June 11 2008 the following traffic arrangements will be implemented:

 Vehicular circulation is interrupted from the instersection of Platonos street and Ioustinianou Street up to the intersection of Platonos street and Egnatia street. Vehicular circulation will be conducted via Ioustinianou, Mitropoliti Gennadiou, Menelaou Bakatselou streets and the surrounding streets.

– At the said section of Egnatia Street (AGHIA SOFIA Station), Egnatia Street will continue to have, as currently, two traffic lanes per direction.

– No pedestrian circulation is permitted on the northern sidewalk (westwards) of Egnatia street, approximately 10 meters before its intersection with Aghias Sofias Street up to the pedestrian bridge located approximately 20 meters before its intersection with M. Bakatselou street.

Pedestrian circulation will be carried out mainly on the southern sidewalk of Egnatia street and via Aghias Sofias (to the north) – Patriarchou Dionyssiou -Platonos streets. In order to timely inform pedestrians about the route they should follow, appropriate information signs will be placed at selected locations and fences will be installed at the intersection of Egnatia street (northern sidewalk) with Aghias Sofias street.

Throughout the execution of the construction works, the work crews of the contracting consortium will make all possible efforts not to disrupt the operation of the adjacent businesses.

Thessaloniki Metro Department wishes to extend its warmest thanks to all residents and passing-by drivers for their understanding and co-operation in the construction of Thessaloniki Metro, such a major and complex project. The Community Relations Office (contact No 2310-526220) of the Company is at your disposal for any issue related to this major project.

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