LINE 2 EXTENSION to ELLINIKO – Arrival of the Tunnel Boring Machine at ALIMOS Station

Quietly and without any disturbance to the operation of the city, the Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) arrived at ALIMOS Station, thus having bored a total of 3,400m at AGHIOS DIMITRIOS-ELLINIKO Metro extension (5,5 km long). After a short-day maintenance, the tunnel boring machine, which has set off its route from Sourmena Shaft in the direction of AGHIOS DIMITRIOS Station, will continue its route to the forth Station of the extension at the Municipality of Ilioupoli (see relevant sketch). Today, over 700 workers of various specialties work on a daily basis at 14 worksite areas for the Metro extension to be commissioned at the end of 2009.


The Municipalities of Ilioupoli, Alimos, Argyroupouli, Elliniko, will have state-of-the-art Metro Stations, thus enabling the residents of the southern suburbs of the city to transfer comfortably, in a reliable and rapid way. Line 2 extension to Elliniko is estimated to serve on a daily basis 80 000 passengers and thanks to the Metro the distance Elliniko – Syntagma (city center) will be covered in only 15 minutes, while it currently takes at least 35 minutes to cover the same distance by car.

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