LINE 2 EXTENSION TO ELLINIKO – Arrival of the Tunnel Boring Machine at ARGYROUPOLI Station

AM_Argiroupoli_TBM_oct07_LGThe Tunnel Boring Machine arrived today at ARGYROUPOLI Station, that is 15 days earlier than specified; it has already completed the first 1.350 meters of its drive at the Metro Line 2 Extension AGHIOS DIMITRIOS – ELLINIKO. Quietly and without any disturbance to the operation of the city, the Tunnel Boring Machine constructs the tunnel of the project in the direction of the next station (ALIMOS) where it is expected to arrive in spring 2008, thus covering a total extent of 3.150 m.

At the same time, construction works at Metro Line 2 to Elliniko are executed at a rapid pace night and day at 14 worksite areas (stations, entrances/exits, ventilation shafts, underground train stabling area), where a total of 700 persons of various specialties work.

Indicatively, there follow the figures of this complicated project:

  • 5.5 km of tunnel
  • 4 Stations
  • 6 ventilation shafts
  • 1 underground trains stabling area
  • 5 train traction power substations, 3.3 MW each
  • 6 permanent power sources 20 ΚV, equipped with 11 power supply transformer plants whose
  • capacity varies from 630 to 2.500 kVA
  • 9 main tunnel ventilation plants with a total air supply capacity of 1600 c.m./sec.
  • full access of PSNs to 16 lifts and 48 escalators
Total volume of the project excavations980.000 cm.
Concrete190.000 cm.
Steel reinforcement32.000 tons
Piles44.000 m.
Temporary retaining anchors144.000 m.
Architectural finishes granites12.000 s.m.

Line 2 underground extension to Elliniko is provided for to be commissioned late 2009, thus serving the daily transportation needs of more than 80 000 passengers. It is worth mentioning that, upon commissioning of the extension, according to studies carried out by ATTIKO METRO S.A., it is anticipated to reduce vehicular circulation by 50 000 as well as the emission of carbon dioxide by 75 000 on a daily basis.

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