August 2014

  • NIKEA Station: The works for the construction of a foundation earthing system, soil improvement works and works for the acceptance of the main Station foundation invert have been completed. Excavation works and works for the removal of the muck (removal of the excavated material from the Station NATM tunnel access), as well as works for the waterproofing of the foundation slab and perimeter walls, the construction of the main Station permanent lining (concreting of the foundation slab from axes 8-12) and the excavation and retaining of Station NATM tunnel (phase A) are in progress;
  • MANIATIKA Station: Excavation works up to level 9, shotcrete application up to level 8, the construction of pre-stressed anchors up to level 8 of the Station main building and the construction of fully embedded rock bolts are in progress;
  • PIRAEUS Station: The works concerning EPA, water-supply, OTE networks and other providers’ networks within the OLP area, as well as the connections of the natural gas pipe transverse to Akti Kallimasioti have been completed. In the framework of the traffic arrangements, the removal of stop sheds and ticket issuing offices, as well as the works for the relocation of the kiosk located at the west sidewalk at the south end of the diversion has been completed. Moreover, the construction of water-supply networks, slabs for storm-water duct protection and the construction of manholes for the water-supply network and OLP valves have been completed. The works for the extension of the worksite occupation surface/ fencing, the construction of road-paving layers (base, sub-base), the construction of a temporary wall for OLP’s fencing, the construction of OLP balustrades and the relevant protection for OTE and PPC networks are in progress;
  • DIMOTIKO THEATRO Station: The works for the excavation and installation of a temporary retaining system (shotcrete – pre-stressed anchors)/ 1st excavation bottom (+10.00) have been completed, while the archaeological investigations for ancient wells and tanks, the preservation of the Project’s archaeological finds, and the excavation and installation of a temporary retaining system (shotcrete – pre-stressed anchors) for the 2nd excavation level in Aghiou Konstantinou Square are in progress. The works -in the framework of the archaeological excavations- for the removal of earth from the trench at the Ventilation Shaft are in progress;
  • The works for the detachment of archaeological finds (pebbled floor) for preservation purposes have been completed, while the works for the construction of temporary retaining piles in Deligianni Shaft are in progress;
  • Tunnel excavation works have been completed by 17%.
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