AM_Thess_Metro_map_Apr15_en_SMATTIKO METRO SA has included at the base project of the Thessaloniki Metro the necessary infrastructure required to enable the creation of further Metro extensions of the network with no interruption to the operation of the system. At the A’ phase of the Thessaloniki Metro extensions, two extensions are provided for to be constructed:

  • North-west Extension to Stavroupoli: 5 km with 5 new stations
  • South-east Extension to Kalamaria: 4.78 km with 5 new Stations

With regard to the two aforementioned extensions the following has been taken into consideration:

  • Civil Works, E/M and Railway Systems of the Base Project provisions.
  • Train operation with double headway.

Moreover, the need to construct an additional depot is under consideration.
The project related to the construction of the first extension of the Thessaloniki Metro towards Kalamaria, was put to tender in May 6th 2009. Apart from the construction of 5 modern Metro stations (NOMARCHIA, KALAMARIA, ARETSOU, NEA KRINI and MICRA) and 4.78 km of underground line, provisions have also been made for the construction of infrastructures that will allow the future extension of the Line towards the Airport, as well as for the development of a well-organized Bus/Metro Transfer Facility in the area of MICRA Station; a parking facility is also planned in the same area. In June 2013, AM and the Contracting Company AKTOR A.T.E. signed the relevant contract whose overall budget amounts to €518 million (the amount of €400 million concerns the contract that has been just concluded. This is a project that has been integrated into the National Strategic Reference Framework (NSRF) – Operational Program “Environment and Sustainable Development”, and is funded by the European Investment Bank (EIB). Upon commissioning of the Extension, the Metro System will upgrade transport services in the densely populated Municipalities of the city of Thessaloniki contributing, this way, to the reduction in the number of the private vehicles circulating in the city by approximately 20,000, since it is anticipated that the subject Extension will serve over 65,000 passengers on a daily basis. The Extension of THESSALONIKI METRO to Kalamaria will be completed in five (5) years.

Moreover, the preliminary designs for the extension to Stavroupolis and Efkarpia (5 stations and geotechnical investigations, alignment of the project, etc.) have been completed and subsequently the project maturity level studies shall commence; consideration is also given to the possible further extension of the project towards the area’s Hospitals.

Beyond the above, the future extension plan also foresees:

  • The eastward extension, to achieve the connection with Micra Airport- Micra Station, possibly by means of a surface fixed route mode
  • The westward extension, by extending the base line from the New Railway Station, to Evosmos and Kordelio, with 4 stations

while, in parallel, the feasibility of creating new branches to the base project is also examined.

With these extensions in place, the form of the city of Thassaloniki will change, the city will be radically upgraded and the quality of the citizens daily life shall be considerably improved.

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