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ATHENS METRO - The future Metro extensions were incorporated into the New Regulatory Plan for Athens and Attica Prefecture

Extract from the statements made by Mr. G. Souflias, PEHODE Minister, about the sixth axis of the New Regulatory Plan for Athens and Attica Prefecture

Completion of the organization of an environment-friendly transportation system in Athens

Public Transport Modes are upgraded and re-organized, their back-bone being the Metro System, which has to be expanded throughout the Attica Basin to cover, together with the Suburban Railway, the wider metropolitan area. More specifically, the Metro System is extended so as to cover 85% of the wider area of Attica Basin comprising a network of 8 lines 220 km. long with 200 stations.  
Certainly, it is not possible for these lines to be in operational in the next 20 years; however, this plan constitutes a integrated study concerning the needs for Metro services in Attica Basin. Upon gradual implementation of the new extensions and lines, Metro shall travel from Keratsini and Piraeus to Kifissia and Nea Erythrea (L1-ISAP), from Zefyri and Peristeri to Elliniko and Glyfada (L2), from Athens International Airport and Messogion Avenue to Egaleo and Piraeus (L3), from Petroupoli and Galatsi through Panepistimio Station to Maroussi and Lykovryssi (L4 – U Line), as shown in the map, from Vyronas and Pangrati to Patissia, Nea Filadelphia and Ano Liossia (L5), from Halandri and Gyzi area to Kallithea and Piraeus (L6A), from Thissio and Petrou Ralli to Keratsini and Perama (L6B), from Aghia Marina (Haidari) and Kavalas Avenue to Nea Smyrni and Alimos (L7); numerous areas of those mentioned above shall be inter-connected by means of the new circle Line (L8).
The new Road Projects in Attica Basin that we recently presented as well as the project related to the extension from Rafina to the National Road in the area of Afidnes (Eastern Pentelis Ring Road) completes the necessary Ring Roads network in Attica Region. It is my personal view that henceforth all funds to be made available as well as the revenues from these highways should be intended for the Metro Extensions. The use of privately owned vehicles for transfers in the city center, in the center of most significant urban Municipalities and in densely populated areas is strongly discouraged. To this end, accessibility to these areas via Public Transport Modes must be ensured; ring road systems for the diversion of these areas must be developed; reconfiguration and pedestrianization works must be executed and measures for traffic and parking management must be introduced.
The improvement of the various Public Transport Modes interconnection, and especially the development of park and ride facilities in the regional stations of the Fixed Route Modes of Transport and their connection with bus lines are strongly encouraged.
The execution of reconfiguration and pedestrianization works to support the use of alternative and environment-friendly travels, such as cycling and walking is strongly encouraged.
Moreover, travels are minimized though the provision of upgraded services at local level, aiming at facilitating citizens in performing their every day needs.

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