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The initial invitation to tender for Line 2 extension to Helliniko initially foresaw the construction of a bridge along the central island of Vouliagmenis Avenue, which would create significant sound and visual disturbance. Following a decision made by the Ministry of Infrastructures, Transport and Networks, the said tender procedure was annulled and ATTIKO METRO S.A. called for a new tender based on which the entire Line would be constructed below surface. A thorough examination of the construction method proved that the Line could be underground with a slight difference in the budget and the time needed for the construction of the project.

The contract related to the underground extension of Metro Line 2 to ELLINIKO was signed on March 8th 2006. The extension will be 5,5 km long in total and includes 4 new stations: ILIOUPOLI, ALIMOS, ARGYROUPOLI and HELLINIKO, as well as an underground area for the stabling of eight trains to serve the needs of the extension.

All new stations are 110m long, consist in three levels and there are entrances/exits on either side of Vouliagmenis Avenue. The tunnel has been bored using a T- boring machine, whose cutter head will be 9,5m in diameter.  The stations, the ventilation and E/M shafts, as well as the train stabling area were constructed using the C/C method.

This Line extension provides transportation services to the wider area along the axis of Vouliagmenis Avenue, i.e. the areas of the municipalities of Aghios Dimitrios, Ilioupoli, Argyroupoli, Alimos and Elliniko. In particular, with the addition of the said extension to the Metro network, the daily ridership is anticipated to be increased by 80,000 passengers. On the contrary, daily trips by car will be reduced by 50,000.

In addition, the restructuring and the extension of the local urban transport system, with the development of Transfer Stations to and from the Bus Lines, as well as the creation of future Car Parks at the New Stations is anticipated to serve the southern municipalities, such as the ones of Glyfada, Voula etc.  It is worth mentioning that the distance from HELLINIKO Station to the city centre (SYNTAGMA Station) will be covered in only 14 minutes, while by car in rush hour it takes more than 45 minutes!


March 2012 - July 2013

Installation of the trains' signaling system - Trial Run.

February 2012

The Project of the Metro extension to Elliniko has already been completed. The installation of the train signaling system by SIEMENS is the only pending item.

January 2012

The reconfiguration of the areas surrounding all stations is at a completion stage.

December 2011

Cleaning works in all levels of the four extension stations are at an advanced stage.

November 2011

The installation of lighting poles at the perimeter of the archaeological site in ALIMOS Station are in progress.

October 2011

The Ilioupoli Northern Exit from Vouliagmenis Avenue, as well as the access way to Vouliagmenis Avenue service road at the western side of the Station were handed over for vehicular circulation.

September 2011

The construction progress of the subject extension reaches 98%.

The works for the display of antiquities in Argyroupoli and Alimos Stations are in progress.

August 2011

The current progress of the construction works throughout the extension is 93%.

The works for the planting of trees in all worksites of the extension are at an advanced stage.

July 2011

The works for the display of the archaeological excavations in ARGYROUPOLI and ALIMOS Stations are being continued.

The works for the reinstatement and handing over to the owners of the areas that have been formed part of the METRO worksites are in progress.

June 2011

The planting works in all worksites of the extension are in progress.

The works for the architectural finishes in all stations of the extension are at a completion stage.

The tests for the electromechanical equipment systems of the extension are in progress.

May 2011

The installation of smoke-insulated glass panels at the platform level of the stations has commenced.

The works for the revealing of archaeological finds at ARGIROUPOLI & ALIMOS Stations are in progress.

The surface configuration of the surrounding area at all locations of the Project continues at a rapid pace, while the traffic in Vouliagmenis Avenue and the streets in the vicinity of the underground Depot of the extension has been recently reinstated.

April 2011

The installation of the false ceilings in all levels of the 5 new stations is at a completion stage.

The tests of the trackwork systems are in progress on the 5.5km extension.

March 2011

The installation of TVCs in all stations has commenced, while the installation of the lighting fixtures is in progress.

Traffic reinstatement works on Vouliagmenis Avenue in the vicinity of ALIMOS and ARGYROUPOLI stations are in progress.

The works related to the reinstatement of the surrounding area of all stations of the extension, as well as in the area above the underground Depot, are in progress.

February 2011

The works for the reinstatement of the surrounding area in all stations of the relevant extension, as well as in the area located above the underground Depot, are in progress.

The reinstatement of the traffic at Vouliagmenis Avenue, in particular at HELLINIKO and ILIOUPOLI Stations, is in progress.

January 2011

The works for the installation of fire-rated glass panes have commenced in the station public areas.

Cabling works for lighting and telecommunication systems are in progress.



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