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Aghia Marina
On February 20th 2006, the Contract was signed for further extending Metro Line 3 by 1.5km as well as for the construction of one new Station at the point where three Municipalities, i.e. Aghia Marina, Aghia Varvara and Haidari, are intersecting, and the Depot in Eleonas area. Through this project, Line 3 of the Athens Metro is further extended to the western suburbs, thus reaching the AGHIA MARINA Station in the Municipality of Aghia Varvara. 

It is a very important project, given that it will serve the needs of the citizens of the western suburbs of Athens. Upon commissioning of the said extension, it will only take 9 minutes to reach the city centre (SYNTAGMA), while it will be possible to reach directly ELEFTHERIOS VENIZELOS Airport comfortably and in a safe and reliable manner in 40 minutes!

In particular, it is anticipated that this extension will contribute to the upgrading of the areas, which, until the present time, have not been within easy reach of the city centre, such as the wider area of Egaleo and Aghia Varvara. It will also serve specific destinations such as the Hospital for Infectious Diseases, the 'Dromokaitio' Hospital, the Attiko Hospital and the commercial area.

It is estimated that AGHIA MARINA Station (Municipality of Aghia Varvara) will serve over 30,000 new passengers on a daily basis.

The project related to EGALEO - AGHIA MARINA (Municipality of Aghia Varvara) extension includes:

The tunnel of the line, approximately 1,5 km long, which is to pass beneath Iera Odos and will be bored by means of the conventional underground method.

AGHIA MARINA Station (Municipality of Aghia Varvara), in the building plot delimited by Iera Odos, Krinis, Katsarou and Aghias Marinas Streets, with two entrances/exits on either side of Iera Odos.

The Transfer Station which is constructed concurrently in the area where AGHIA MARINA Station (Municipality of Aghia Varvara) is to be situated, with parking facility of 380 spaces.

The Depot in the area of Eleonas, with a total surface of 86,000 m2, a Project to be described in detail here below.


March 2012 - 
December 2013

Installation of the trains' signaling system - Trial Run.

February 2012

The Project of the Metro extension to Aghia Marina in the Municipality of Aghia Varvara has already been completed. The installation of the train signaling system by SIEMENS is the only pending item.

January 2012

The slab paving works of the square, as well as the works for the reinstatement of the surrounding area of the shaft, have been completed.

The asphalt paving works at Krinis and Aghias Marinas streets have been completed.

December 2011

The station’s landscaping works are at an advanced stage.

The construction of floors for the accommodation of access ramps at the Transfer Station are at an advanced stage.

November 2011

The works for the installation of louvers in the Parking Facility, which is adjacent to the Metro Station, are in progress.

October 2011

The works for the installation of the panel frame at AGHIA MARINA Transfer Station in the Municipality of Aghia Varvara are in progress.

September 2011

PPC works for power supply are in progress.

The works for the reinstatement of the sidewalk will soon be completed.

August 2011

The current progress of the construction works throughout the extension is 95%.

The works for the reinstatement of Iera Odos sidewalks, at its intersection with Iroon Polytechniou Square, are underway.

July 2011

The installation of granites tiles in the Station’s surrounding area is about to be completed.

The construction of sidewalks on Krinis and Agias Marinas Streets is at a completion stage.

June 2011

The works for the reinstatement of Aghia Marina and Krinis Streets are at an advanced stage; these streets formed previously part of the Metro worksite area.

The passenger information boards at the station platform level have been installed.

May 2011

The works related to architectural finishes at the Station entrances/exits are at the completion stage.

The works for the insulation of the roof in the car park area used for the transfer to the Metro network have been completed.

April 2011

The installation of stainless steel elements at the entrances/exits of the Station are at an advanced stage while the works for the installation of the glass panes at the sheds have been completed.

The works for the installation of the industrial floor at the Transfer Station have been completed.

March 2011

The works for the installation of the glass panels on the sheds of the station’s entrances/exits have commenced.

Plastering works are completed within the area of the illustrated private vehicle parking facility.

February 2011

The configuration of the Station entrances / exits has been completed.

The works for the planting of trees on the roof of Eleonas Depot buildings have commenced.

January 2011

Painting works have commenced at the 4-storey parking facility next to Aghia Marina (Haidari) Metro Station.



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