Project progress

Project progress




  • The works for the Multi-Channelled Layout and the Overhead Traction Line are at a completion stage.
  • Civil works have been completed, while E/M works in the new Substation no. 16 are on hold.

OTHER WORKS (extensive fronts of works)

Along the Tramway route in Piraeus

  • The works for the reinstatement of the urban equipment at the Tramway stops and the works for the maintenance of shafts on the road pavement are in progress.

At Vassileos Georgiou Street

  • In the area extending between Philonos and Miaouli Streets, urban planning works for the configuration of sidewalks are at a completion stage.
  • At SEF tramway stop and in Alikanou Square urban planning works for the configuration of sidewalks are at an advanced stage.
  • In several areas of Piraeus, 130 shafts have already been constructed and 116 underground waste bins have been installed, while the delivery of the remaining waste bins in the Municipality is in progress.
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A. With regard to the TRAMWAY CORRIDOR and the Overhead Traction Line:

  • Works at the Tramway corridor (trackwork – rails and Catenary poles) have been completed throughout the Project, in particular:

At Piraeus:

From the beginning, at Neo Faliro stop and through Ethnarhou Makariou street – Papandreou bridge – M. Asias street – Lambraki U-turn – Lambraki bridge – Gr. Lambraki street – V. Georgiou street – Possidonos street (terminal stop) – Ethn. Antistaseos street – Om. Skylitsi street & Myrtidiotissa bridge, to the end, at SEF stop.

In other areas of the wider Tramway network:

In past time periods, the works for the construction of the Tramway corridor in areas of the Base Project, deemed necessary for the smooth integration of the operation of the Tramway extension to Piraeus into the entire network (installation of new turnouts at Neo Faliro stop, installation of new turnout at Mousson street and modification of the terminal stop at Syntagma (minor deficiencies in the urban furniture).

  • In progress are the remaining works required for the operation of the Line for the Tramway extension to Piraeus and, in particular: completion of the Multi-Channelled layout, installation of the Overhead Traction Line (works still pending: at Vas. Georgiou street, at its section from Filonos street to Miaouli street, and at the beginning – Neo Faliro stop); in progress are also the E/M works at the new Substation 16 (Civil Works have been completed at this phase) and at Substation.

B.With regard to miscellaneous works (reference to extended work fronts):

Along the Tramway route in Piraeus, the following works are in progress:

  • Installation of urban furniture at Tramway stops
  • Installation of signage and signalling systems with the tramway network at the signalled junctions along the Tramway route
  • Asphalt paving of Vas. Georgiou – Gr. Lambraki – Ethn. Antistaseos streets.
  • Maintenance of shafts in areas with traffic road pavements.

At Vas. Georgiou street:

  • Substation area/Roloi square: Civil Works have been completed for the construction of the new Tramway traction substation, while in progress are urban planning works for the configuration of sidewalks.
  • Area between Filonos and Miaouli streets: urban planning works are in progress for the configuration of sidewalks.

–           SEF stop and Alikakou square: urban planning and planting works have been completed, while works related to the remaining installations (balustrades, small structures serving SEF stop etc.) are in progress.

  • At various areas in Piraeus, in progress are works for the installation of underground waste bins.
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