January 2018

Nomarchia Station: The implementation of phase C’ of traffic arrangements and the construction of retaining piles at the north access (at a part of Vas. Olgas street) have been completed. Plastering works are in progress.

• KALAMARIA Station: In progress is the construction of the permanent lining and waterproofing of the west access, the dismantling of reinforced concrete struts (roof level) and the Station backfilling.

• Pontou shaft: In progress is the excavation and temporary retaining up to level -4 of the struts.

• NEA KRINI Station: The construction of staircases is in progress.

• MIKRA Station (& crossovers): Waterproofing of the roof slab, the staircases and the masonry walls of the Station is in progress.

• MIKRA Forestation: The excavation and temporary retaining of the forestation has been completed. The construction of the permanent lining (sections 2 and 3) is under completion.

• Terminal Shaft: The construction of the permanent lining is in progress.

• TBM tunnels: Completion of tunnel 2 boring, interstations: ‘Kalamaria- Nomarchias Crossover’, using ‘Elli’ TBM2, and tunnel 1 boring, interstation ‘Aretsou – Kalamaria’, using ‘Frixos’ TBM1. In progress is ‘Frixos’ TBM1 sliding in KALAMARIA Station, its maintenance works, as well as the preparatory works for TBM launch in the interstations ‘Kalamaria-Nomarchias Crossover’.

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