February 2018

  • NEW RAILWAY Station: Implementation of traffic phase E’, as well as plastering and masonry wall related works have been completed. The works for the construction of shaft terminations are in progress.

• AGHIA SOFIA Station – north access: The archaeological excavation in progress.

• SINTRIVANI Station – EXPO: The excavation and temporary retaining works at the south access have been completed. The the construction of the south access and E/M installations are in progress.

• PANEPISTIMIO Station: Masonry works are in progress.

• PAPAFI Station: The implementation of traffic phase E’ has been completed, while the reinstatement of the central traffic island on Karamanli Avenue is in progress.

• FLEMING Station: Masonry works and the implementation of traffic phase E’ have been completed. Door installation works are in progress.

• 25 MARTIOU Station & Crossover: Plastering works are in progress.

• VOULGARI Station: Masonry works and the installation of escalators are in progress.

• NEA ELVETIA Station and Crossover: Works for the construction of PPC manhole in the station, as well as crossover masonry works are in progress.

• Depot – Building Complex I: The construction of the metal structure roof, plastering works in the washing plant and works related to E/M installations are in progress. Building Complex II: The following works are in progress: metal roof painting works using fire resistant paint, masonry, plastering and painting works, as well as works related to E/M installations. In the surrounding area, the construction of E/M routing infrastructure and the backfilling between complexes IK and II are in progress.

• TBM Tunnels: The works for the construction of the tunnel walkways’ foundation are in progress from ANALIPSI Station to SINTRIVANI Crossover.

• Cut & Cover (C&C) and NATM Tunnels – Section I: Joint sealing works are in progress.

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