May 2018

A. With regard to the TRAMWAY CORRIDOR:

• At Piraeus:
– The following activities are in progress, which complete the Tramway Line extension to Piraeus: the construction of the Tramway corridor at Vas. Georgiou street (from the end of Tinaneios (Tinan) garden to Akti Miaouli), at Akti Miaouli pedestrian crossing and at Possidonos Ave., as well as the installation of overhead contact line in the areas where the Tramway corridor has been completed.

B. With regard to other works:

– Vas. Georgiou street (Roloi square): after the completion of the excavations (retaining and earthworks, insulations), concreting works begun for the construction of the new Tramway traction power substation
– Ethn. Antistaseos street (Ippodameias square): after the implementation of the final traffic arrangement, urban planning works were completed (traffic island etc.)
– SEF stop and Alikakou square: the construction of the various foreseen installations (serving SEF stop) is in progress
– In progress are works for the installation of underground waste bins.

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