THESSALONIKI METRO: SINTRIVANI Station / EXPO Abolition of Worksite Occupation/Removal of Fences Reinstatement of Traffic

As of Saturday July 21st 2018, the occupied worksite area on the westbound traffic lane of Egnatia street will be released at SINTRIVANI Metro Station / EXPO, in front of Thessaloniki International Fair (EXPO) facilities. Thus, the traffic on Egnatia street will be normalized with two lanes.

At the same time:

– The sidewalk of Egnatia street in front of the School of Theology – Aristotle University of Thessaloniki is extended and its width is increased to two (2) meters.

– A central traffic island is configured along Egnatia street, separating the eastbound and westbound traffic lanes. Thus, Egnatia street will now have three eastbound and two westbound traffic lanes.

During the last nine months, ATTIKO METRO S.A. has been gradually reinstating the traffic and, thanks to the following traffic arrangements, life in the city of Thessaloniki gradually returns to normal:

At SINTRIVANI Station, the eastbound section of Egnatia street has been opened to vehicular traffic with 3 traffic lanes from the intersection of Egnatia and Aggelaki streets to the School of Theology – Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, after the partial removal of the Metro worksite installation.

At DIMOKRATIAS Station, the traffic has been reinstated on Monastiriou street by opening three westbound traffic lanes, as well as sections of Odysseos and Promitheos streets, at their intersection with Monastiriou street.

Worksite occupations at Monastiriou Street have been abolished at its section extending between M. Kalou and Ag. Panton Streets. Three (3) traffic lanes at the inbound section (eastbound direction) and two (2) traffic lanes at the westbound section are now available to traffic.

At Dimokratias Square, left turn to Langada Street is again permitted to those moving on the inbound section.

Aghias Sofias Street at Aghias Sofias Station, became again a two-way street with two (2) traffic lanes, one per direction, after 4.5 years of being used as a one-way street.

At Papafi Station, traffic has been reinstated at K. Karamanlis Avenue with three (3) traffic lanes per direction, at its section extending between Papafi and Korytsas Streets, by fully abolishing the Metro worksite installation.

At Fleming Station, the section of Alexandrou Fleming Street extending between Delfon and Rostan Streets was handed over to serve vehicular circulation. Thus, Delfon Street is now connected with Stratigou Kallidopoulou and Fleming Streets.

Finally, at Analipsi Station, traffic has been reinstated at Delfon Street at its section extending between M. Botsari and P. Syndika Streets with two (2) traffic lanes, one (1) traffic lane per direction.

Yannis Mylopoulos: “This year, Thessaloniki International Fair will be held without worksite occupations at the its entrances due to the execution of the Metro works”.

Further to these developments, the Chairman of ATTIKO METRO S.A. Professor Yannis Mylopoulos made the following statements:

“Consistent with its promises on freeing main arteries from worksite occupations, ATTIKO METRO S.A. opens the westbound direction to vehicle circulation at Sintrivani Station – Thessaloniki International Fair, in front of Thessaloniki International Fair facilities.

Thanks to the vast progress of the works and the completion of civil works in 11 out of the 13 stations of the Base Line, the city will now return to its normal pace along the major part of this Line.

It is a happy coincidence for us the fact that, one the one hand we will welcome this year to Thessaloniki International Fair our very first vehicle – the vehicle of the Thessaloniki Metro – and, on the other hand the fact that this will be the first time after many years without Metro worksite occupations at the entrances of International Fair facilities”.

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