June 2018

• Kritis shaft: The permanent lining of the pumping station is completed.

• NOMARCHIA Station: The permanent lining at section 7 of the perimeter structures (ventilation shafts) and the backfilling and construction of the PUO networks in the area of the north access have been completed. Granite flooring, phase D1 of the traffic arrangement and paintwork in progress.

• Ceramic tile flooring and industrial floors are competed in the crossover

• KALAMARIA Station: Completed are the works for the construction of the foundation slab in the south ventilation shafts, the concrete cap beam and struts for the excavation of the east access, as well as wall plastering works on level -1. In progress the construction of the permanent lining of the south ventilation shafts and the installation of doors.

• ARETSOU Station: Wall have been constructed at level -1 and plastering has been completed on level -2. In progress is the construction of walls on level -2 and lining with fiber reinforced cement boards on level -2.

• PONTOU Shaft: Completion of the excavation and temporary retaining down to the bottom, as well as of the foundation slab. Permanent lining at the perimeter is in progress.

• MIKRA Station (& crossovers): Construction of walls on level -1 of the station. In progress the construction of the NE access staircase, of the south access parapet walls, of plastering works on level -1 and the station platform, the construction of industrial floors on level -1 of the station, the waterproofing of the roof slab and the paintwork in the 2nd crossover.

• TBM tunnels: Tunnel 2 boring works (TBM – ‘Elli”) are in progress at the 1st Micra crossover up to the “25 March” turnout, as well as the boring of tunnel 1 (TBM – ‘Frixos”) at the 1st Micra crossover up to Nomarchia Station.

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