In the area of PIRAEUS

  • Checks – arrangements – testing of the Tramway corridor, turnouts and catenary have commenced, while the trial operation of the Tramway will commence soon.

OTHER WORKS (reference to extensive fronts of works)

Along the Tramway route in Piraeus

  • The works for the installation of E/M equipment and the connections of the Tramway stops with the PPC network are in progress (still pending are works at the north platform of Possidonos stop, whose paving consists in an archaeological finds revealing area).
  • At Ethnikis Antistasseos street, the works for the installation of signage & signaling have been completed, while the respective works at Gr. Lambraki and Om. Skylitsi streets are in progress.

At Tsamadou street

  • In progress are the works for the conversion of Tsamadou into a bus-line street and the works for the re-configuration of sidewalks.
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