In the area of PIRAEUS

  • Checks – arrangements – testing of the Tramway corridor, turnouts and catenary and the tramway signaling continue, while the trial operation of the Tramway will commence soon.

OTHER WORKS (reference to extensive fronts of works)

Along the Tramway route in Piraeus

  • The works for the installation of E/M equipment and the connections of the Tramway stops with the PPC network are at a completion stage.
  • The works for the installation of road signage & signaling at signaled intersections of the tramway route are in progress.
  • The paving works at the north platform of Possidonos stop (which is an archaeological finds revealing area) are at an initial stage.

At Tsamadou street

  • Completed are the works for the reconfiguration of sidewalks from Ethnikis Antistasseos Street to Iroon Polytechniou Street (conversion of Tsamadou into a dedicated on-street bus-lane). Works in the remaining section of Tsamadou Street will be executed after the Christmas holidays.

At the Peace and Friendship Stadium

  • In progress are the works at Alikakou Square, at Lambraki Bridge and at the U-turn from Mikras Asias to Lambraki Street for the installation of balustrades offering safe circulation of pedestrians and vehicles.

In several areas of Piraeus

  • Works for the installation of 129 out of the 130 underground litter bins have been completed and the litter bins will soon be delivered for use.
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