OTHER WORKS (reference to extensive fronts of works)

Along the Tramway route in Piraeus

  • Seven (7) out of the eleven (11) power supply connections of the Tramway stops with the PPC network have been completed.
  • The works for the installation of urban fittings are at the completion stage, while the works for the installation of the E/M equipment are in progress.

At Tsamadou street

  • The section from Ethnikis Antistasseos Street to Iroon Polytechniou Street was handed over to the public.

At the Peace and Friendship Stadium

  • At an advanced stage are the works at Alikakou Square, at Lambraki Bridge and at the U-turn from Mikras Asias to Lambraki Street for the installation of balustrades offering safe circulation of pedestrians and vehicles.

In several areas of Piraeus

  • The installation works to all 130 underground litter bins systems have been completed, while the related functional connections & tests, as well as the procedure for their delivery for use, are in progress.
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