As regards the TRAMWAY NETWORK

  • The works for the construction of the Tramway corridor have been completed (trackwork – rails – catenary) have been completed.
  • The trial run of the Tramway system commenced, while checking – arrangements – tests of the Tramway and catenary related installations are at the completion stage.
  • Road signage & signaling works at junctions, along the Tramway route, are in progress.
  • E/M works at the new Substation 16 (Civil Works have been completed), as well as the upgrading of Substation 1 are still pending.
  1. As regards OTHER WORKS (reference to extended work fronts)

At the Tramway stops:

  • Pending works related to the installation of urban equipment are under completion, while the installation of E/M equipment is in progress.

Along the Tramway route to Piraeus, the following works are in progress:

  • At Lambraki bridge: Concrete maintenance works commenced and are in progress.
  • Karaiskaki stop: The installation of a canopy and the installation of the lift connecting the street level with the underground passage are in progress.
  • At SEF (Piece and Friendship Stadium), at Alikakou square, at Lambraki bridge and at the U-turn from Mikras Asias street towards Lambraki street: The installation of safety balustrades offering safe circulation of pedestrians and vehicles is about to be completed.


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