MARCH 2019

Α. Tramway

  • The works for the construction of the tramway corridor (trackwork – rails – catenary) have been completed.
  • The trial run of the Tramway system has commenced.
  • Setting – checking of the systems controlling the operation of the Tramway system extension to Piraeus from the Central Control Room in the entire Attica Basin are in progress (integration of Piraeus extension in the basic network).
  • Road signage and signaling works on junctions along the Tramway route are in progress.
  • E/M works at the new Substation 16 (Civil Works have been completed), as well as the upgrading of Substation 1 are pending.

ΒOTHER WORKS (reference to extended work fronts)

  • At the Tranway stops:
    • Pending works related to the installation of urban equipment are under completion, while the installation-testing of E/M equipment is in progress.
  • Along the Tramway route in Piraeus, the following works are in progress:
    • At Lambraki Bridge: Concrete maintenance works commenced and are in progress.
    • The installation of lifts in the area of Lambraki Bride and in the area of Karaiskaki stop are in progress.
    • In other areas, works for the reinstatement and maintenance of structures are in progress.
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