APRIL 2019

– TBM access shaft: The waterproofing of the ceiling slab +62.86 has been completed.

– Komninou shaft: The works for the staircase balustrade have been completed, while architectural works (hatch construction) are in progress.

  • AGHIA VARVARA Station: The works for the installation of granite slabs on the floor and walls have been completed, while in progress is the construction of lifts (street level).

Megalou Alexandrou Shaft: The architectural works (balustrades, hatch) are in progress.

  • KORYDALLOS Station: The works for the construction of new sidewalks at the perimeter of the Square and PUO diversion works are in progress.

Pissidias Shaft: Masonry and plastering works have been completed, while preparation works for coating application at the walls of the main shaft are in progress.

  • NIKEA station: Reinstatement – slab paving works at the station street level and granite slab lining works at several station levels are in progress, as well as the installation of false ceiling panels of levels -3 and -4 of the station.
  • NIKEA Station NATM Ventillation Gallery: Painting works are in progress.
  • Main tunnel of MANIATIKA Station (NATM): The demolition of the provisional concrete in the area where deepening works are executed is in progress.
  • Underground NATM sections of MANIATIKA Station: The works for the permanent lining of the SW access tunnel and the lower transverse tunnel of the west lift are in progress.
  • South Ventilation Shaft of MANIATIKA Station (Koumoundourou Street): The permanent lining of the walls of the connecting gallery has been completed.
  • PIRAEUS station: The works for the assembly of the building crane in the area of access 3 and the certification for its operation is in progress.
  • DIMOTIKO THEATRO Station. Main Station: at Aghiou Konstantinou Square, the concreting works of the concourse slab (axes 18-19) and the works for the interior head wall of the station (axis 18) are in progress.

Staircase galleries, South Staircase: Secondary concreting works have been completed, while jet grouting works are in progress.

Entrance on Korai Square: Secondary concreting works have been completed while jet grouting works are in progress.

Dimotiko Theatro Ventilation Shaft: Works for the installation of reinforcement at the perimeter walls are in progress.

Rallios Shaft Ventilation Gallery: Concrete pouring works of the foundation of the permanent lining have been completed, while works for the installation of reinforcement and the concreting of walls and the vault are in progress.

Electrical Equipment Recess 3RP3 K.P. 8+707.585: Works for the excavation – temporary retaining (progress/ phase A 14/14μ, phase B 14/14μ) have been completed.

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