Α.            Tramway

  • Works for eliminating the risks from materials likely to be detached from the facades of the listed building at the junction of Omirou Skylitsi and Deligiorgi Streets have commenced and are in progress. Eventual material detachment caused the suspension of the tramway vehicles trail run on 19.07.2019 and a section of the tramway network section was blocked at Omyrou Skylitsi Street.
  • The E/M works at the new Substation 16 (Civil Works have been completed), as well as the upgrading of Substation 1 are pending.

Β.            OTHER WORKS (reference to extended work fronts)

  • Lambraki Bridge: Painting works are in progress.
  • Maintenance works and repair works for the reinstatement of minor deficiencies are being executed in all project structures.


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