JULY 2019

Α.            Tramway

  • Further to the completion of the works for the construction of the tramway (see previous progress of works), the final tests – adjustments of the systems and devices controlling the operation of the Tramway system (for integration of the extension to Piraeus into the basic network) and the adjustment – coordination of the circulation of the tramway vehicles with the road signage are in progress. The tramway vehicle trial runs were suspended on 19.07.2019 since a section of the tramway network at Omyrou Skylitsi Street was blocked further to an earthquake.
  • The E/M works at the new Substation 16 (Civil Works have been completed), as well as the upgrading of Substation 1 are pending.

Β.            OTHER WORKS (reference to extended work fronts)

  • Lambraki Bridge: Concrete curing works and staircases urban planning works have been completed. Painting works have commenced.
  • Platform located in Posidonos Avenue: The special lining of the floor (display of the underlying antiquities) and the works for the installation of the urban equipment (seats, etc.) have been completed.
  • Stops: The works for the installation of E/M equipment will soon be completed and final testing is in progress.
  • The installation of the foreseen lifts in the area of Lambraki Bridge and in the area of Karaiskaki stop has been completed (issuance of certification – license of operation in progress).
  • The final tests have been completed while the delivery for use of the remaining installed underground waste bins is in progress.
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