November 2019

NOMARCHIA Station: The works for the reinstatement of PUO networks and the configuration of the surrounding area are in progress.

KALAMARIA Station: The following works are in progress: painting works at track level, backfilling of the surrounding area and reinstatement of PUO networks.

ARETSOU Station: The works for the construction of metal elements in the surrounding area are in progress.

Pontou shaft: The construction of the permanent lining is in progress.

NEA KRINI Station: Surface reinstatement works are in progress.

MIKRA Station (Station & Crossovers): Surface backfilling works at the 1st Crossover are in progress.

The works for the installation of E/M systems at the following stations: NOMARCHIA, KALAMARIA, N. KRINI Station and MIKRA, as well as at the 1st and 2nd Crossovers are in progress.

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