The Athens Metro Project, the major transportation infrastructure project, continues to be extended with the construction of the new Line 4, a lifetime Project for many particularly densely populated areas of Attica Basin, with insufficient public transport services. In the framework of the extension of the Athens Metro network, the Minister of Infrastructures, Transport and Networks Mr. Michalis Chryssohoidis and the Chairman and Managing Director of ATTIKO METRO S.A. Mr. Christos Tsitouras, in the presence of the Deputy Minister Mr. Michalis Papadopoulos, the General Secretary of Public Works Mr. Stratos Simopoulos, the General Secretary of Telecommunications and Postal Services Mr. Menelaos Daskalakis, and the Mayors of several Municipalities, namely: the Municipalities of Athens, George Kaminis, Galatsi, George Markopoulos, Kaissariani, George Kontostavlos and Zografou, Tina Kafatsaki, announced the implementation of the first large part of the Athens Metro new Line 4, i.e. Alsos Veikou – Goudi, with fourteen (14) new stations and an overall budget amounting to approximately 1.2 billion €.

The Minister of Infrastructures, Transport and Networks Mr. Michalis Chryssohoidis highlighted the significance of this project for Athens, the citizens of the areas where the Metro passes by, as well as the efforts made to ensure its funding.

The Chairman and Managing Director of ATTIKO METRO S.A. gave emphasis to the new concept governing the design of this Project, both as regards the new technologies it incorporates and the actual re-configuration of the areas where the new stations will be located, in cooperation with the Municipalities of Athens, Galatsi, Zografou and Kaissariani. Mr. Chryssohoidis also stressed that the maturing of this project is being accomplished by ATTIKO METRO S.A. and its employees.

The first section “A” of Line 4 shall include ALSOS VEIKOU, GALATSI, KYPSELI, DIKASTIRIA, L. ALEXANDRAS, EXARCHIA, AKADIMIA, KOLONAKI, EVANGELISMOS, KAISSARIANI, NEAR EAST, ILISSIA, ZOGRAFOU and GOUDI Stations. It is estimated and the aforementioned section will serve approximately 220,000 passengers on a daily basis, while the number of citizens who will enjoy the Metro services in a radius of 500m. from the stations will rise to 285,000. Moreover, the number of vehicles will be reduced by 53,000 and the emission generated by the urban mobility will be restrained by 280tn on a daily basis. The travel time from Alsos Veikou to the center of Athens will be about 10 minutes. The scope of the Project will also include the extension of Sepolia Depot facilities intended for maintenance and repair, as well as the construction of a new Operation Control Center within the Depot area for all Lines of the Athens Metro network. The budget of the Project will amount approximately to 1.2 billion €. The Project will be tendered in two phases: Phase A will include the Pre-qualification procedure for the selection of experienced and specialized companies and Phase B will include the Submission of Offers. It will be a Turn-Key Project to be constructed on a Lump Sum Price basis, while it will also include the supply of seventeen trains.

The implementation of this Project will change dramatically the transportation map of Athens, will enhance the every-day life of the citizens of the entire Basin and will provide services to densely populated residential areas, commercial areas in the center of Athens, as well as important land uses, such as Courts, Hospitals, Universities, etc.

The Project will soon be tendered (December 2014) starting with the Pre-qualification Phase, while it is estimated that by Autumn 2015 all pending issues pertaining to designs and issuance of permits will have been completed, so that the tendering process can progress to Phase B, i.e. submission of the Financial Offers for the selection of the Lowest Bidder. The construction works are expected to commence early 2016 and it is anticipated that the Project will be completed within a 7-year time period, i.e. in 2022.


  1. ALSOS VEIKOU Station, Veikou Avenue and Tralleon Street Intersection
  2. GALATSI Station, Galatsiou and Veikou Avenues Intersection
  3. KYPSELI Station, Kypseli Square
  4. DIKASTIRIA Station, Evelpidon and Moustoxidi Streets Intersection
  5. ALEXANDRAS Station, Alexandras Avenue and Moustoxidi Street Intersection
  6. EXARCHIA Station, Exarchia Square
  7. AKADIMIA Station, Akadimias and Sina Streets Intersection
  8. KOLONAKI Station, Kolonaki Square
  9. EVANGELISMOS Station, Vass. Sofias Avenue, Rizari Street and Vass. Konstaninou Avenue Intersection
  10. KAISSARIANI Station, Ymittou Avenue and Ethnikis Antistasseos Street Intersection
  11. NEAR EAST Station, Ethnikis Antistasseos Street
  12. ILISSIA Station, Kiprou Square
  13. ZOGRAFOU Station, Gardenia Square
  14. GOUDI Station, Eleftherias Square



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