THESSALONIKI METRO – One of the two traffic lanes of Delfon street opens up to traffic

The works for the construction of the station box constructed with diaphragm walls and the works for the construction of the roof slab have been completed in Analipsi Station and at the crossover.

In this area, the soil geotechnical characteristics are poor and the buildings are situated at a close distance from the station. In view of ensuring additional safety for the buildings, ATTIKO METRO S.A. introduced special stabilization measures utilizing underground struts implemented through jet grouting; these measures were executed by a company specialized in this field.

In parallel, excavation works at level -1 of Analipsi Station and at the crossover also progressed.

With the completion of the above works, whose execution required that Delfon Street is fully blocked to vehicle circulation, the eastbound traffic lane opens up to traffic. The other traffic lane shall open up to traffic when works are completed.

Please note that in view of improving traffic conditions in the eastern part of the city, a traffic design has been prepared. This design shall be implemented once the relevant permits have been granted by the responsible authorities.

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