Response to the commentary concerning THESSALONIKI METRO

In response to the statements made without due examination during the event “Creating Tomorrow,” organized on Monday 07.10.2013 by EGNATIA ODOS S.A. regarding THESSALONIKI METRO Project, as well as the proposal for this Project to be assigned to EGNATIA ODOS S.A., ATTIKO METRO S.A. would like to state the following:

  • ATTIKO METRO S.A. has executed and continues to execute successfully numerous Metro and Tramway Projects, which have gained worldwide acknowledgment for their high safety level, flawless operability and their well-proven optimum quality and aesthetics.
  • All these benefits have been obtained based on the wide know-how that ATTIKO METRO has gained through great efforts and cost during the last twenty years, ensuring a high technical level for the company; thus, ATTIKO METRO S.A. is often requested to provide its assistance in other Metro Projects abroad, while numerous executives of our Company contribute essentially in the implementation of Metro and Tramway projects worldwide (Qatar, Saudi Arabia, London, Canada, Australia, etc.).
  • Metro Projects can be executed internationally by few and absolutely specialized companies possessing the required knowledge and experience to balance the extremely demanding construction of tunnels, stations and shafts in urban environment with zero impact on adjacent buildings and infrastructures by combining approximately 45 state-of-the-art electro-mechanical and railway systems, as well as through fully automated driverless trains ensuring safe, reliable and punctual trips for dozens of thousands of passengers per hour.
  • It is well-known that Metro projects’ funding agencies trust only these few specialized companies, which have repeatedly proven their capacity and potential to complete such difficult projects.
  • ATTIKO METRO S.A. is responsible for the management of the Thessaloniki Metro Project, and of all other projects already implemented or under implementation. However, the major difficulties encountered in the framework of the Project as regards archaeology, expropriations, the problematic financial status of the construction sector, the remissness on the part of certain agencies to meet their obligations, as well as the inherent tendering problems involved in the Project Design-Construction process, have led to major delays and to the continuous postponement of the Project delivery date.
  • ATTIKO METRO S.A. will continue to make all possible efforts to ensure the settlement of multiple problems and, thus, the continuation of the Project, in view of its optimum and earlier completion despite all unfavourable circumstances.

In brief, as regards the hints dropped and the statements made to transfer the responsibility for the implementation of Thessaloniki Metro Project to EGNATIA ODOS S.A., all agencies concerned and the citizens are left to draw their own conclusions.

ATTIKO METRO S.A. once more calls upon the agencies concerned and the city authorities to essentially assist it, to overcome all difficulties and adverse conditions presented above and deliver the Project to the citizens of Thessaloniki the soonest possible.


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