THESSALONIKI METRO – Visit of the Minister of Infrastructures, Transport and Networks

The progress of the Thessaloniki Metro construction works was the main objective of the meeting held today at the premises of ATTIKO METRO S.A. – Thessaloniki Metro Department; the meeting was chaired by Mr. Michalis Chryssochoidis, Minister of Infrastructures, Transport and Networks and was attended by Mr. Stratos Simopoulos, Secretary General of Public Works.

Messrs. Yiannis Boutaris, Mayor of Thessaloniki, Andreas Kourakis and Konstantinos Zervas, Deputy Mayors of Thessaloniki, Panayiotis Theodossiadis, Deputy Mayor of Kalamaria, Christos Tsitouras, Chairman and Managing Director of ATTIKO METRO S.A., Dimitris Grivas, Vice – Chairman of ATTIKO METRO S.A., George Konstantinidis, Thessaloniki Metro Manager, Michalis Simas, head of the construction joint venture of the Base Project and Ms. Spyridoula Petropoulou, Head of the construction company of the Project’s Extension to Kalamaria, attended the subject meeting, during which a time schedule of the works to be executed within the next six-month period was prepared, in view of expediting construction activities, creating new job positions and relieving the city of Thessaloniki – to the extent possible – from worksites.

Moreover, the consent of all parties involved was confirmed for detaching the archaeological finds from VENIZELOU Station and placing them back anew to their initial position upon the construction of the Station.

Further to the completion of the meeting, Mr. Chryssochoidis made the following statements:

“Almost one year after the initial project completion deadline, 47% of the civil works and 73% of the tunneling works have been completed while 33% of the budget has been absorbed. However, today, many technical problems encountered in the project have been overcome.

In addition, the economic recovery of the Contracting Joint Venture progresses in a satisfactory manner. Consequently, the Project can progress without any obstacles.

This Project is getting back on track, in order to provide job positions and relieve the city. By the end of this year, the number of the persons engaged in this project will rise from 700 to 900 employees. The Time Schedule of the works for the next six months has been agreed upon. In the event of deviations from this Time Schedule or additional unjustified delays, then final statutory decisions in full respect to the Greek Legislation will be made”.

The Minister referred also to the possibility of covering the expenses for the relocation of the shops suffering damage from the Metro construction works. Finally, the Minister congratulated all the parties who contributed in reaching a solution concerning VENIZELOU Station. “The disagreements assisted in finding a better solution, since everyone implemented their best skills and efforts towards the achievement of this superior common goal. My most sincere congratulations are in order. They constitute an example for us all. If only Greece could witness only such kind of examples”, said the Minister.

Mr. Christos Tsitouras, Chairman and Managing Director of ATTIKO METRO S.A. also expressed his satisfaction for the solution reached in respect to VENIZELOU Station. “ATTIKO METRO S.A., in cooperation with Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and the Technical Chamber of Greece/ Section of Central Macedonia reached a finally proposed design, which is welcomed by the Minister of Culture and the Municipal Authorities.

Our goals are feasible and what we have proposed right from the beginning, i.e. that Metro and antiquities can indeed co-exist, becomes a reality. We will have the opportunity to “create” an one of a kind Metro station that will be a “museum” at the same time. And this is an international first for our System”.

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