ATHENS METRO – Metro extension to Elliniko – Handing over to the public

Today, ATTIKO METRO S.A. (AM) handed over to the public a new Extension of Metro Line 2,

the Extension from AGHIOS DIMITRIOS to ELLINIKO Station, 5.5 km long,

with four (4) new Stations (ILIOUPOLI, ALIMOS, ARGYROUPOLI and ELLINIKO); the subject extension will be commissioned on Friday, July 26th 2013.

The final trial run of the project was attended by Messrs. Ch. Tsitouras, Chairman of the BoD and Managing Director of AM, as well as M. Chryssohoidis and M. Papadopoulos, Minister and Deputy Minister of Infrastructures, Transport and Networks respectfully; Mr. V. Valassopoulos, Mayor of Ilioupoli, Ms. V. Androutsou, Mayor of Aghios Dimitrios, Mr. Th. Orfanos, Mayor of Alimos and Mr. Ch. Kortzidis, Mayor of Argyroupoli – Elliniko; Mr. Nikos Stathopoulos, Secretary General of Transport, Mr. Nikolaos Papathanassis, Chairman and Managing Director of STASY S.A. and Mr. Alexandros Deloukas, Chairman and Managing Director of OASA.

On the occasion of the project’s handing over, Mr. Ch. Tsitouras made the following statements:

“This Metro south-bound extension project completes the 400 million € investment, aiming at providing the best possible services in terms of transport to the municipalities of the area and ready to offer rapid and safe transportation to the residents, as well as substantial upgrading of the subject areas.

Over 83,000 passengers will be served by the Metro on a daily basis, while it will take only 14 minutes to cover the distance between Elliniko and Syntagma Stations. Daily trips by car will be reduced by 13,000 in Vouliagmenis Avenue and, thus, CO2 emissions will be reduced by approximately 89 tons.

Therefore, this significant transportation and environmental Project is anticipated to de-congest decisively the southern suburbs of Attica Basin.

This Project constitutes a tangible proof of the quality and significance of AM’s activities, as well as the ability of the Company to construct particularly demanding and difficult projects. This ability – on the part of AM – has been acknowledged by its major funding authorities, i.e. the European Union and the European Investment Bank that continue to make available significant resources amounting to hundreds of millions € to fund ATTIKO METRO Projects”.

It is stressed that all four (4) stations are located on the axis of Vouliagmenis Avenue and that they have entrances/exits on either side of the Avenue, providing, thus, transportation services to the adjacent Municipalities of Ilioupoli, Aghios Dimitrios, Alimos and Argyroupoli-Elliniko; access is also provided to all stations through underground passageways.

ALIMOS and ARGYROUPOLI Stations are embellished with especially configured surface areas displaying the archaeological finds that were revealed during construction.

Finally, it is stressed that AM is scheduling the connection of the Tramway network with ARGYROUPOLI Metro Station in the area of Elliniko and that the relevant tender is anticipated to be announced at the end of 2013. The subject connection will ensure easier access to the Metro network and the transfer of the passengers from the southern suburbs to the Metro, facilitating thus, the transportation of the residents through the fixed route modes.

ATTIKO METRO S.A. continues its construction activities and in September will hand over to the public one more Metro Station to the west, i.e. AGHIA MARINA Station, located in Line 3 Extension to Egaleo. At the same time, the works for the extension of this Line towards Piraeus and the Tramway extension from Peace and Friendship Stadium (SEF) to the center of Piraeus are in progress.

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