THESSALONIKI METRO – Pilea Depot construction

On the occasion of the inaccurate statements made during the Thessaloniki Municipal Council Session on 25/2/2013, ATTIKO METRO S.A. would like to restore the truth as follows:

Thessaloniki Metro Depot has been located at the boundaries of Pylea, in an open space adjacent to Thessaloniki Municipality Refuse Transfer Station (RTS), in a partially expropriated area of approximately 47,000 m2. The expropriated part of the transfer station includes the entrance of Municipality trucks, the truck weighing facilities and the associated small structure, as well as the PPC substation. The initial expropriation took place in January 2010, by depositing the specified price value of the expropriated area and its structures.

Upon depositing the relevant amount, Thessaloniki Municipality was obliged to deliver the area to us and transfer at its own expenses all necessary for the RTS operation installations to another area.

However, the Municipality of Thessaloniki failed to meet its obligations on the grounds of its inability to finance the necessary works for the transfer of the installations; as a result, the Project is delayed at the specific location.

In light of the above and for the purpose of facilitating Thessaloniki Municipality and advancing the Project, ATTIKO METRO S.A. undertook itself the task of executing the works for the transfer of the installations necessary for the RTSs operation and accepted to be compensated for the cost of these works by offsetting this cost with the amounts for the future expropriations to take place in Nea Elvetia, as well as in an additional area at Pylea.

To this end and further to verbal communications, ATTIKO METRO S.A. transmitted to Thessaloniki Municipality on January 9th 2013 drafts of the Program Agreement, the Technical Specifications and the Budget, in order to obtain its concurrence.

However, the Municipality has not responded up to the present day and this resulted in delays in the Project and the entire planning in the wider Depot area.

As far as Archaeology is concerned, we have to point out that if the Archaeological Department had respected its written commitment for the completion of the archaeological works within a period of twenty (20) monthsfrom the signing of the relevant Memorandum, especially are regards AGHIA SOFIA Station, there would have been a smooth and uninterrupted flow of the archaeological works.

In view of the above, it becomes apparent that ATTIKO METRO S.A. actually undertakes its share of initiatives and performs all feasible, in the framework of the Contract and the Law, actions in order to advance the Project, and deliver this very important Project to the citizens of Thessaloniki the soonest possible. Nevertheless, we expect the same attitude and behavior on the part of all involved agencies.

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