ATHENS METRO – The construction of Thessaloniki Metro enters a new phase

A meeting was held today in Thessaloniki in the framework of the scheduled monitoring of the archaeological excavation progress at Thessaloniki Metro worksites, attended by the Secretary General of Public Works Mr. Stratos Simopoulos, the Secretary General of Culture, Ms. Lina Mendoni, the Manager of Byzantine Antiquities, Ms. Evgenia Geroussi, the Manager of Classical Antiquities, Ms. Nikoleta Valakou, the Manager of Thessaloniki Metro,Mr. Giorgos Konstantinidis, and ATTIKO METRO S.A. Consultant, Prof. Michalis Tiverios.

During this meeting, the Time Schedule related to the completion of the two archaeological excavations currently in progress in the area of DIMOKRATIAS and VENIZELOU Stations was evaluated. On the basis of the current planning, the archaeological works are anticipated to be completed in the end of next December and January respectively.

Moreover, the subject of displaying the archaeological finds revealed during the excavation in AGHIA SOFIA Station in the area of the Station was discussed during the said meeting. As already known, the Services of the Ministry of Culture released the northern section of AGHIA SOFIA Station and the relevant construction works will commence in the coming days.

During the meeting, Mr. Stratos Simopoulos and Ms. Lina Mendoni expressed their content for the positive results of the cooperation between the Services of their Ministries and ATTIKO METRO S.A.

The Secretary General of Public Works Mr. Stratos Simopoulos pointed out that: “Step-by-step, with patient and persistent work and in a spirit of cooperation, we materialize our commitments in connection with Thessaloniki Metro. The release by the Ministry of Culture of the northern section of AGHIA SOPHIA Station for excavation works constitutes a tangible proof of the achieved progress.”

Especially as regards the archaeological excavation, the Secretary General of Culture Ms. Lina Mendoni made the following statement: “In February 2010, the Ministry of Culture drafted a plan for the completion of the archaeological surveys in Thessaloniki Metro, placing their completion time at end of 2012. This time horizon is practically adhered to, always in perfect cooperation with ATTIKO METRO S.A. and the Ministry of Infrastructures”.

It is pointed out that on November 18th the specialized company completed the works for the de-contamination of VENIZELOU Station sections from traces of mercury.

In addition to the above, the area of PAPAFI Station has already been delivered to the Contracting Joint Venture, which will soon have its worksite installed in order to commence the construction of the Station.


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