THESSALONIKI METRO – The Thessaloniki Regional Vice Governor and the Regional Councilors visited various Metro Worksites

The worksites of EFKLIDIS and AGHIA SOFIA stations of Thessaloniki Metro currently under construction were visited today by a group of Councilors of the Central Macedonia District, headed by Mr. Apostolos Tzitzikostas, Regional Vice Governor of Thessaloniki and Mr. Michael Tzollas, Chairman of Thessaloniki Metropolitan Group (Mitropolitiki Enotita Thessalonikis).

The Regional Councilors were given a tour at the worksites of the two aforementioned stations by Mr. George Konstantinidis, Manager of Thessaloniki Metro Project Department, and Mr. Yiannis Karakitsios, Deputy Manager of Thessaloniki Metro Project Department.

During the visit, reference was made to the technical details of the Project, the progress of works, as well as to the methods of addressing the delays that occurred during the first stages of the Project. The techniques and procedures implemented in order to limit these delays and expedite the construction progress rate were also presented in detail. Finally, it was stated that the funding of the Project has been secured and the construction time schedule is met.


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