ATHENS METRO – SIGNING OF THE CONTRACT ENTITLED “Signaling System for the Athens Metro Extensions”

Further to the political resolution of the subject issue, a contract was signed today between ATTIKO METRO S.A. and SIEMENS A.G. amounting to 41.5 million EURO concerning the installation of the singaling system on the Metro extensions to Haidari, Anthoupoli and Elliniko. ATTIKO METRO S.A. was represented by Mr. Christos Tsitouras, BoD Chairman and CEO and SIEMENS A.G. was represented by Mr. Frank Gerken, SIEMENS CEO for international projects.

The event of the contract signing was attended by Mr. M. Voridis, Minister of Infrastructure, Transport and Networks, Mr. G. Mangriotis, deputy Minister, and Messrs. I. Oikonomidis and Ar. Mpourdara, General Secretaries of the Ministry. The event was also attended by Ms. M. Androutsou, Messrs. Th. Orfanos, V. Valassopoulos, Ch. Kortzidis, A. Pachatouridis, Ch. Kardaras and G. Kaplanis, Mayors of Aghios Dimitrios, Alimos, Ilioupoli. Argyroupoli/Elliniko, Peristeri, Egaleo and Aghia Varvara Municipalities, i.e. the areas wherein the seven new stations are located. Finally, the event was also attended by Messrs. D. Dimitriou and K. Vassiliadis, BoD Chairmen and CEOs of OASA and STASY, respectively, ATTIKO METRO S.A. executive staff, as well as representatives of the company employees.

With the award of this Project, the last pending issue for the operation of the seven (7) new Metro stations is resolved, whose construction has been completed in all other respects.

Upon completion of the works for the installation of the signalling system, the west and south suburbs of the Attica Basin shall be gradually enriched until 2013 with

seven (7) modern Metro stations: ILIOUPOLI, ALIMOS, ARGYROUPOLI, ELLINIKO, PERISTERI, ANTHOUPOLI, and AGHIA MARINA. At the same time, seventeen (17) new state-of-the-art trains shall be commissioned in order to support the safe and comfortable trips of the Athenian public.

A total of 160,000 passengers are expected to be served on a daily basis by the seven (7) new stations, while the respective reduction of the private vehicle circulation is expected to reach approximately 30,000 cars on a daily basis, thus significantly improving the traffic conditions mainly in the areas of the aforementioned Municipalities, as well as the environmental conditions, since the daily CO2 emissions shall be reduced by 130 tons.

When the seven (7) new stations, as well as the Metro extension to Piraeus are fully commissioned, the Attica area shall have a Metro network (Lines 2 & 3) spanning to a total length of 68 km with 47 stations (including the surface line leading to the Airport) and shall serve a total number of 1,060,000 passengers on a daily basis.

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