Ministry of Infrastructure Transport & Networks – Presentation of the Contract signed by ATTIKO METRO S.A. for the “LINE 3 EXTENSION, HAIDARI-PIRAEUS SECTION” to the responsible Parliamentary Committee

The financial affairs Parliamentary Committee received today an update by the Minister of POMEDY Mr. M. Voridis, the Deputy Minister Mr. G. Mangriotis and the ATTIKO METRO S.A. Chairman of the BoD and Managing Director Mr. C. Tsitouras concerning the Project entitled “LINE 3 EXTENSION, HAIDARI-PIRAEUS SECTION”, estimated budget 725 million Euros (VAT included), which is funded in the framework of NSRF (National Strategic Reference Framework) by the operational program entitled “ Improvement of Accessibility” and by the European Investment Bank (EIB).

The Project was put to tender on the basis of a final design prepared by ATTIKO METRO S.A. and shall be constructed on the basis of this contract which is to cover the detailed design, the construction of the civil works and the major part of the required E/M and Railway systems, followed by five (5) independent contracts of a lower budget, which are to cover special E/M and railway scopes (signaling, automatic train supervision (ATS), fare collection, radio communications and Building Automation and Control System (BACS)); these systems are to be coordinated with the main contract, as required from a technical and operational point of view. Finally, the scope of the main contract also incorporates the Commissioning of the new extension from the forestation of Aghia Marina Station (new name for Haidari Station) up to the forestation of Dimotiko Theatro Station.

The envelopes with the offers of the pre-selected bidders were unsealed on April 18th 2011. Out of the six (6) short-listed candidates, offers were finally submitted by five (5) candidates.
Approval of the results of Phase 1 – Stage B’ of the Tender Procedure (Formal and Legalizing Data) by the ATTIKO METRO S.A. BoD on June 20th 2011.
The Managing Authority’s concurrence for the signing of the Contract was given on January 9th 2012.

Section E’ of the Court of Auditors, by its Act No. 60/2012, judged that there is no impediment in signing the contract entitled “LINE 3 EXTENSION, HAIDARI-PIRAEUS SECTION”.

During the session of the aforementioned Parliamentary Committee, the Deputy Minister of POMEDY Mr. G. Mangriotis stated that:

“This is the ninth contract that has been brought before the Financial Affairs Committee since the summer of 2011, when the new Regulation of the Parliament came into effect.
The multitude of the Projects and their total budget demonstrate the serious effort that has been made in the last years in order to mature the Projects, secure the relevant funding and gradually commence the construction works.
We shall keep informing the Parliament at the same pace about the major Projects throughout the country, which will be soon put to tender by our Ministry.
These Projects generate thousands of job positions, contribute to the development of our country and enhance liquidity in the market.
They are funded by national and, mainly, by Community funds and low-interest loans obtained from the EIB.
It is very important that the deep economic crisis did not have a negative impact on the Projects’ maturing, tendering and commencement processes.
As regards the Project presented today, Greece’s main objective and priority is to have completed and delivered for use, in five (5) and a half years from now, Haidari-Piraeus tunnel section of Metro Line 3. ATTIKO METRO S.A. has the potential to utilize the funds that will result from NSRF restructuring which is in progress.
We actively participate in the discussion currently held with EU on the configuration of the 5th Community Support Framework (CSF), in the framework of which Projects related to fixed track modes (Railway, Metro etc.) shall be mainly funded”.

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