THESSALONIKI METRO – The entire Base Line of Thessaloniki Metro under construction in 2012

“In the following short period, the second phase of the tender for the Metro extension to Kalamaria is put to tender and, if there are no entanglements among the candidates, then the selection of the Contractor within the summer is feasible”, stated the Deputy Minister of YPIMEDI Mr. Yiannis Magriotis, who attended the new year’s celebration event at Thessaloniki Metro premises.

The Deputy Minister stressed that his Ministry, in co-operation with ATTIKO METRO S.A., laboriously works towards the construction of a Metro network in Thessaloniki and that the next decisive step is the preparation of the tender for the final designs of the first westwards extension to Stavroupoli and Papageorgiou / 424 Military Hospitals, utilizing funds from the 5th CFS, since this CFS gives priority to the funding of fixed route transport modes.

Mr. Magriotis, in his short speech, referred to the establishment of a co-operative relationship between Thessaloniki Metro and the local authorities, as well as to the positive results achieved thanks to the company’s co-coordinated efforts as regards the acceleration of the Project works.

The Deputy Minister specially thanked the employees for their vital contribution to the acceleration of the Project’s progress rate.

In a brief presentation of the 2011 results, the Manager of Thessaloniki Metro, Mr. George Konstantinidis, stressed the evolution that occurred in the Project with the opening of four (4) new worksites and the resolution of problems, most importantly the resolution of technical difficulties concerning ANALIPSI Station and the commencement of the works at this specific worksite.

He also referred to the application of a new methodology aiming at accelerating the archaeological investigation works and the Metro pits, as well as to the re-structuring of Thessaloniki Metro Department and to the newly established Department of Service, Operation and Maintenance.

The targets set by the company for 2012 are even higher, said Mr. Konstantinidis.

In particular: commencement of works in three new worksites within the next short period. The entire Base Line will be in a state of construction in 2012. Completion of the tendering and award procedures for Kalamaria extension. Achieve the ambitious target of completing the archeological investigation in all Metro station areas.

ATTIKO METRO S.A. Management’s wishes for the new year were conveyed by Mr. Konstantinos Zervas, member of ATTIKO METRO S.A.’s BoD and Deputy Mayor of Thessaloniki.

Apart from the Company’s employees, the event was also attended by Mr. Michael Tiverios, Archaeological Survey Consultant, Professor at Aristoteleio University of Thessaloniki and Member of the Academy, Mr. Alexandros – Dimitrios Tsonos, Technical Consultant, Professor at Aristoteleio University of Thessaloniki and Manager of the Concrete Laboratory, and Mr. Stefanos Tsotsos, Geotechnical Professor at Aristoteleio University of Thessaloniki.


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