THESSALONIKI METRO – Memorandum issued by the Thessaloniki Business, Trade, Handicraft and Professionals Associations

In the framework of the Memorandum of Cooperation signed between, on the one hand, representatives of various professional associations and other business / trade associations and, on the other hand, ATTIKO METRO S.A. / Thessaloniki Metro, the former decided to transmit a Memorandum to the involved Ministries, Social Security Funds and Organizations, as well as to various Public Utility Organizations, in order to make sure that the various professionals and businesses affected by the Metro construction works will obtain their support.

The relevant Memorandum, which is signed by representatives of eight associations, asks for special provisions in favor of the affected businesses and professionals who exercise their trade/profession in close proximity to the various Metro worksites, depending on the specific influence zone they are located in.

It has to be noted that recording of the various business and shops, as well as the determination of the influence zone was done under the responsibility of the Thessaloniki Traders Association, the city’s Handicraft and Professionals Associations, as well as Thessaloniki Prefecture Traders Federation.

This Memorandum is signed by the following agencies:

  • Thessaloniki Commercial and Industrial Chamber
  • Thessaloniki Handicrafts Association
  • Thessaloniki Professionals Association
  • Thessaloniki Prefecture Traders Federation
  • Federation of Handicraft Unions of Thessaloniki
  • Thessaloniki Traders Association
  • Thessaloniki Hotel Owners Association
  • Northern Greece Exporters Federation

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