THESSALONIKI METRO – ANALIPSI Station Traffic arrangements

In view of the execution of construction works at ANALIPSI Station, the following traffic arrangements will be applied as of Sunday September 4th, 2011. Namely:

  1. The circulation of all vehicles will be interrupted in the section of Delfon Street extending from its junction with M. Botsari Street up to P. Syndica Street.
  2. The circulation of vehicles will be effected through M. Botsari, Solonos and P. Syndica Streets.
  3. The sections of Analipseos and Hatzilazarou Streets extending from Mykinon Street up to Delfon Street will be converted into dead ends.
  4. The section of Psychari Street extending from Lyssikratous Street up to Delfon Street will be converted into dead end.
  5. The entrance of the Hospital for Sexually Transmitted and Skin Diseases at Delfon Street is provisionally abolished; henceforth, access to the Hospital shall be effected through the entrances located at Halkidikis and Psychari Streets.
    For facilitating the operation of the Hospital, Lyssikratous Street will be converted into a two-way Street.

The aforementioned traffic arrangements are expected to be in effect for a period of 10 months. 

Throughout the duration of the construction works, the crews of the contracting consortium shall make every possible effort to serve the needs of the residents and businesses in the area.

Thessaloniki Metro S.A. would like to thank all residents, business owners and drivers passing-by for their cooperation and understanding as regards the implementation of the major and complex construction project of Thessaloniki Metro.

Thessaloniki Metro Community Relations Office (tel. 2310-504710) remains at your disposal for any additional information.

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